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Prana Gi Review – Remix

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Here is our Prana gi review of their offering, The Remix. Prana is a brand who had a rather shaky start in their early days but then re-branded themselves to what they are today. Growing steady and releasing some classy looking kimonos, the Remix is the second release out of a four part series with the first being the The Druid and the third being The Lucci and the fourth being The Royale. The only difference besides the color schemes and the price of the three gi’s is the skirt length of the Remix, Royale, and the Lucci being shorter than The Druid. Without further adieu, here is the Prana gi Review of The Remix.

***As an update, Prana has informed me that now all four of the gi’s have the same skirt length***


The Prana Remix comes with a very nice gi bag that has the Prana logo embroidered, where as most companies have a screen printed logo onto the bag.  I could also notice immediately the thickness of the rope that was attached to the bag. Thicker than any other rope that i’ve come across recently. The color of the bag is a deep navy.


  • Competition style fit
  • Structurally sound
  • Original design
  • Extremely soft inner taping
  • Thicker Rope stays tied easier?


  •  Pants label was cut in half and sewed on
  • The color of the pearl weave was more purple than navy
  • Knee pads are a little short

Jacket Details

  • 450 Gram comfort pearl weave
  • Navy with Grey accents
  • Silk Taping
  • Ripstop Lined EVA Foam Collar
  • Shorter skirt length than the DRUID


Pants Details


  • 10 oz ripstop pants
  • Navy with Grey Accents
  • Silk Taping
  • Six point belt loop system
  • Thicker rope drawstring


Jacket Overview


When I first pulled this kimono out of the package I immediately noticed something very off to it. The jacket was more of a purplish color than the collar. It was highly noticeable and I was pretty disappointed to see that but I was hopeful it was just a case of too much dye and it would bleed out in the washer.


Other than the color issue, the Remix jacket is made very well. The embroidered logo on the left side of the chest was done extremely well and the stitching along the collar is straight for the most part with the exception of one hiccup on the inside.


The silk taping that lines the cuffs and the chest seams is ridiculously soft and unlike any other taping that I’ve come across. The design on the taping is sublimated so it will never crack, peel, or fade.


The piping along the collar really makes this look like a Hugh Hefner smoking jacket, add in the embroidered Prana logo on the chest and you have yourself a jacket that you could sit around the fireplace with a pipe in your mouth reading the paper and sipping a glass of Brandy.


Along the skirt of the jacket there is a ripstop taping on the outside, right below that is a small sliver of grey fabric that hangs past the ripstop to give it a very classy look to the jacket. The same thing happens on the sleeve cuffs only minus the ripstop taping. Purely aesthetic but it’s a nice touch.


Pants Overview


The Remix pants are navy blue with grey contrasts.  They feature a seat reinforcement of extra ripstop material. The Pearl weave gusset and knee pads are an excellent addition although the knee pads barely cover my knees, I seem to have this problem with most knee pads though no matter what company. The ripstop also seems thicker and heavier than most other companies ripstop.


The six belt loops are of thicker material than most belt loops but are about the same width, they feel a lot more rugged and durable.


The pant cuffs are a bit weird as they bunch up at the top of the ripstop. as you can see in the picture. They feature the same type of ripstop combo as the jacket skirt, ripstop on the outside of the pants, and the sliver of grey material just below it.


There are two other problems with the pants besides the pant cuff bunching (the pant cuff bunching is just me being OCD) One is the fact that the tag on the inside of the pants was cut off in production as you can see in the pictures above, and two the pearl weave gusset is the same purplish color on the jacket than the rest of the pants.


***As an update, Prana has informed me that the batch of pants they had have all been replaced and any order that has gone out/will go out will include the correct pants. They also said that they knew that they were sending me pants with the label wrong and I was the only one to receive these pants.***

The rope on the Remix is a little bit stretchy but the main thing that is noticeable about this is the thickness. It’s noticeably thicker than any other rope that i’ve seen come on a pair of gi pants. You can see this in the pictures above. It stays tied a lot easier, I’m not sure if it’s because of the thicker rope but it’s nice!!!


Fit & Rolling


The Prana Remix is a tighter fitting gi, and it has shrank about half an inch in the jacket and about an inch in the pant length. This was all cold wash and hang dry.

As for rolling performance, the Prana Remix is fairly cool and is super hard to grab because it’s such a tailored fit and it’s barely legal length is even more frustrating for rolling partners. The collar is equally as frustrating while rolling due to it’s stiff nature, it makes it easy to slide grips off of.


The pants are short, tapered, and ridiculously hard to get a firm grip on. We call these finger nail rippers in the gym, and the pearl weave gusset helps with friction to keep your various guards and submissions in place. I love rolling in this kimono due to the nature of the fit, and the length of the jacket skirt makes for tight lapel chokes from side or back control. prana gi review


Final Conclusion

The price of the Prana Remix kimono is sitting slightly above if not right at average cost of $175 before shipping. Given the amount of extra effort and detail Prana put into this gi I would have had zero problem paying the price for this kimono but alas it did have some flaws to it so I’m a little hesitant.


Don’t get me wrong, the fit is amazing for competition and there are a lot of good things about the kimono. The Remix easily would’ve gotten a five star rating had it not had the initial color and problems with the pants. They’re cosmetic flaws but with the amount of money you’re paying for this gi, or any gi for that matter, you would expect a perfect kimono.


It’s not so much of a purplish hue anymore but you can definitely tell it’s not the same color top and bottom. To some this is a make or break of buying the kimono, to me it’s still just a gi and I’m more worried about how it will hold up structurally. I see no problems occurring with the durability of the kimono though.


I would have no problems recommending someone purchasing this kimono if it hadn’t had the mishaps i’ve listed above. I would wait to see some other reviews from this batch of kimonos and see if they had the same problems I did. As I contacted Prana they said they didn’t know about the color problem but they did get word a few pairs of pants had the label cut off like mine. All of those people were taken care of and they offered to replace my pants as well but I declined.


***Repeat Update, the pants have been replaced on any future orders and Prana has stated that no pants will have these issues. Jesse said that I was the only one to receive these pants***


My final opinion, take a look around and see how other peoples Remix’s came out. If you see that no one else had these problems then I would suggest purchasing this gi if it fits you and you like the style. I’m going to be doing the same thing so I can give an update and see how the rest of this batch is turning out. I’ll give it a few weeks to get some feedback and then I’ll post on FB to give you my final rendering.


Until then I hope this review gives you an informed opinion on the Prana Remix.

Prana gi review