Platinum Jiu Jitsu Burrberry Kimono

Platinum Jiu Jitsu Burrberry Kimono

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Platinum BJJ Burrberry Kimono A1

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People tend to have a love/hate relationship when it comes to the grappling wear company Platinum Jiu Jitsu due to a recent release that some didn’t take too kindly entitled the “Angel series”, which featured scan tally clad women in lingerie.

Regardless of that release we have wanted to check out this particular series from the company since we first got wind of it, and after our first review of their Evil Geisha kimono we have wanted another one since.

Burberry is a posh plaid print that is popular among the wealthy, but also with a deeper meaning in other countries of the world. Platinum decided to capitalize on this design and release a kimono that is designed after the company.

Unfortunately for Platinum, the Burberry company got wind of this release and sent a cease & desist order so this series is no longer available from the company. Luckily for us though, we got one before said order was mailed.



  • Unique design for a kimono company
  • Rash guard lining
  • Great construction



  • Some don’t favor the skull logos
  • Number of Skull logos
  • Limited Edition


Jacket Details

  • 450 GSM Pearl Weave top
  • Tan material with Burgundy stitching & Trim
  • Plaid rash guard lining
  • Embroidered Logos
  • Custom Taping



Pants Details

  •  10 oz Drill Cotton pants
  • Tan with Burgundy Stitch & Trim
  • Pearl Weave Gussett
  • Embroidered Logos
  • 6 loop Belt System
  • Red Stretchy Rope Drawstring
  • Pearl Weave knee pads



Final Conclusion

In a world of limited edition kimonos Platinum Jiu Jitsu is taking the cake with every release and the Burrberry was no exception with only 52 being produced. Throw in the fact that there was a C&D order to stop the sale of these and now you have an even more limited release.

Besides the limited availability, the construction of the kimono is top notch besides the mismatched placement of the inner rash guard lining on the sleeves…although that wouldn’t be seen anyways and a few wavy lines of stitching on the inside of the collar. Contrast stitching tends to bring out the subtle mishaps of stitching on kimonos.

The design, like I stated above, was a rather unique concept for a Kimono company. The embroidery was executed perfectly on all logos as our previous experience with Platinum JJ.

Platinum defines themselves as a luxury kimono company and with their small limited number of batches they do have a slightly higher than normal price of $175 before shipping.

Take a look at their future designs and decide for yourself if they’re for you.

You can buy Platinum Products as they’re release HERE


  • Take a few of the Platinum Skull patches away
  • Be a little more careful with trademarked designs

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