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 Platinum Gi review – Fly Trap

Platinum gi review

Platinum BJJ is a luxury gi brand based out of Hawaii. They use a “Graffiti artist Legend” by the name of Katch 1 to design this gi and other products as well as their other offering “the Spider gi”.

With a competitive price at $175, which is around the norm for a regular gi WITHOUT a rash guard lining, at this price it’s pretty good for what you’re getting in added features. Is the quality worth the $175 price? Lets take a look

First Impressions

Platinum Gi I was super stoked when I got the package in the mail and thought I was getting the Spider gi, to my surprise though I pulled this beautiful piece of art out of the package and felt like a kid at X mas.

You can probably tell that my first impressions was


Jacket Details

  • 450 GSM Black Pearl weave top with Red contrast stitching
  • Katch 1 Geisha Art Rash Guard Lining
  • Tapered fit
  • Embroidered logos
  • 21/25 made


IMG_1534 copy  IMG_1550 copyIMG_1560 copyIMG_1558 copyIMG_1552 copyIMG_1561 copyIMG_1563 copyIMG_1559 copyIMG_1553 copy

As stated above, black Pearl Weave with red contrast stitching





Nice overview of the jacket showing patch placement





Back view of the jacket




808 Embroidery on the shoulders and Skull logo on the sleeve






Big skull logo on the left side of the jacket




The reason the gi is called “the flytrap”. Embroidered on the left side of the back of the jacket



Limited edition tag – 21/25

Washing instructions and pocket




Taping on the sleeve, double stitched




Taping on the inside of the bottom of the skirt, ripstop on the outside. Quadruple stitched



IMG_1596 copy


The collar has a ripstop outer lining, smooth and straight stitching with an average thickness to it




IMG_1556 copy


And here is what makes this gi so special, the Geisha girl rash guard lining.




IMG_1565 copy

An inside out look of the jacket




IMG_1566 copy


A closer look of the geisha lining. As you can see this is a sublimated rash guard with great detail in the print




IMG_1568 copy

An inside out look at how far the lining actually goes down the sleeve




IMG_1557 copy


This is the only thing I’ve found that is wrong with the top. They didn’t quite fold in the rash guard all the way when sewing in the armpit.

Jacket Conclusion

The one mishap on the gi is in the armpit where it wasn’t fully tucked in. Could this be a problem? I’m not quite sure yet. Only time will see for us on that but as for the rest of the Gi top you have to admit it’s pretty nice. Straight stitching throughout, logos that are evenly embroidered and attention to detail that a lot of companies could learn from.

Pants Details

  •  10 oz Black Ripstop Cotton with Red Contrast Stitching
  • Red stretchy rope Drawstring
  • Pearl Weave Gusset
  • Extra Reinforcements
  • Pearl Weave knee pads


IMG_1535 copyIMG_1536 copyIMG_1538 copyIMG_1537 copyIMG_1541 copy IMG_1542 copy IMG_1543 copy IMG_1544 copy IMG_1540 copyIMG_1545 copy IMG_1546 copy IMG_1548 copy

As you can tell it’s black with a red contrast stitching and rope that really pops together





The black with red contrast stitched belt loops are spaced apart nice enough to fit your tied knot in the middle. Six of them




The Side vent reinforcement is a square but has an “X” going through it as well. Not many brands do this



The gusset is made of pearl weave material and is triple stitched throughout the gusset




Platinum Skull logo patch on the butt of the pants, easily removable if you’re not into the design



Skull logo on the back of the left leg of the pants, embroidered




Closer view of the skull logo





Closer view of the Platinum butt patch



Same taping as the skirt and sleeve cuff opening on the pant cuffs. Quadruple stitched



Reverse look at the pant stitching and knee pads





Inside of the front of the pants




You can’t quite see it even though I tried to brighten the picture but there is a cloth reinforcement on the butt seam there.




Pants Conclusion

 Super nice pants, I love the pearl weave gusset. We all know who originally started it but it doesn’t matter who actually does it as long as they do it right and Platinum has done it right. They’ve made some great pants and I hope they hold up though the tough schedule ahead!!

Fit of gi

Platinum BJJI have the size of A1, and it fits great.  Its a nice and tapered fit, almost like a SYR sized A1. Not too tight but definitely not too loose either. As soon as my camera is up and running I’ll have pics of me in the gi after a good couple of weeks of use.
There was very little shrinkage, maybe half an inch.

Rolling Performance

 I’ve never rolled in a gi that had a rash guard in it before.



Other than that though it does great while rolling. No stretched out sleeves or pants, no warped/stretched feeling jacket. Collar holds it’s shape well. Although it is a tad bit difficult to remove the top after rolling when you’re soaked in sweat and the rash guard lining is sticking to your body.

Everyday is a gamble on the weather here during the “winter” and “spring” months but I would still wear this gi on a hot day.

Final Conclusions

This is indeed a luxury gi. From the rash guard lining to the quality of the stitching and craftsmanship. It’s a cheaper priced alternative to the Gameness Elite and in my opinion of better quality as I have had some not so great encounters with the Elite.

Since Platinum also only makes smaller batches, it means quality control is looked after more closely.

Yes it is hot to roll in, but then again it does have a rash guard lining to it. The gi itself is made great and if the one problem with the lining not being tucked into the armpit is it then wow is all I can say. A dang near perfect gi. That is amazingly hard to find when it comes to a gi with contrast stitching.

Also Sean has gotten back to me super quick anytime I had a question regarding the gi or just general questions so customer service is also top freakin’ notch.

Platinum gi review

If I were you….and I wanted a gi with a rash guard lining I would definitely hit up Platinum BJJ Brand for one of these gnarly gi’s before it’s too late or you could get in on the batch that is on pre-sale now on Facebook

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