Patches O’Toole – MOAR PATCHES

Patches O’Toole – MOAR PATCHES

patches o toolePatches O’Toole Moar Patches

With a name like Patches O’Toole you kind of have to live up to your name. I mean, if you didn’t have patches for sale the name would be kind of silly right? Well grapplers…FEAR NOT cause the patches are a plenty from this company. We’ve looked at their products a few times here on the site and they were gracious enough to let us dissect MOAR PATCHES.

We’re a sucker for patches, even if we don’t know where to put them. ON TO THE REVIEW!!!!


Quick Review

So we received two patches. One “cauli-power” and one “roll till I die” patch. The cool thing about Aengus and crew is they love to mix up their designs and seem to have something for everyone.

With the Cauli-Power design, it’s something that most grapplers can relate to as cauliflower ear is something that 90% of Jiu-Jitsu practitioners will get, even if it’s just a small case. It features a 6 inch circle logo of a brutally cauliflowered ear with the phrase “Undrainable Spirit, Cauli-Power”.

The Roll til’ I die patch is one that won’t be for everyone, but if you’re a fan of pirates then you’re in for a treat as it features a bad ass skull and cross bones logo on a 7.5 inch square. Most logos like this are a bit too much, but I don’t think this one is over the top at all. There’s also a black belt that’s incorporated into the design making it that more awesome!

Both patches are woven with a heat seal backing and an embroidered edge to keep them from unraveling. The only concern I’ve had was with the Roll til I die patch. It kind of bubbles up on certain spots on the patch like it’s coming up from the backing, but it’s not. If that makes sense to you. I tried to take pictures of it as well but alas the camera was being shy and couldn’t pick it up (it was probably scared).

All in all the patches are designed well and have held up to a lot of washes. I personally think the prices are set well and like I’ve said before; the price point may seem high to some, but it also includes shipping from the UK so it is a justified price due to them being international. AND THEY COME WITH A WARRANTY!!!

If you dig the designs, get them. What’s the worst thing that could happen, you hoard them?

(please don’t hoard them)



  • Sweet designs
  • Heat seal backing
  • Instantly ups your sub defense by 11%


  • ¬†You have to wait for the post to arrive?


Where to buy

Patches O’Toole website



Cauli-power – $17.50 (USD) shipping included

Roll till I Die – $22 (USD) shipping included





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