Patches O’Toole – Every Damn Day Sweater

Patches O’Toole – Every Damn Day Sweater

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Patches O’Toole – BJJ Every Damn Day Sweater



  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Good screen printing


  • Not that good for summertime
  • Russell Brand Sweater, but not THE Russell Brand


Now lets get into the sweater, It’s made from Russell Brand (the company, not the actor)

Not this Russell Brand, patches o'toole

Not this Russell Brand










I’m gonna be brutally honest about this sweater. It’s F’n comfortable, for real. Only downside for me is it’s summer time, luckily though it hasn’t been a summer like last year where it was ridiculously humid and hot. It’s been pretty nice and I’ve been able to wear this sweet piece of fine merchandise from all things funky, Patches O’Toole.


It’s a fairly soft and lightweight sweater that doesn’t bog you down whilst talking an evening stroll through the park to feed the baby ducks. Ohhhh those baby ducks, they’re pranksters. (but that’s another story)


The construction of the sweater is pretty normal when it comes to sweaters. Crew neck, elastic type cuffs and bottom opening.


The design is simple, but elaborate at the same time. I could describe it, but I’m sure you saw the pictures above. Both the front and back designs are straight to the point.

I personally don’t mind them using the word damn as unfortunately children see and hear worse things on the television/youtube/video games every day, even with kids shows. A sad reality but that’s the way the world is moving…


The screen printing is even throughout and I’ve seen no noticeable fading or cracking for the duration of me washing and hot drying it. Holding up well with no piling or stretching of the sleeve cuff/bottom tapered openings.

(For the record, even though most people say don’t hot dry your shirts and sweaters, I do. If you make a lightweight shirt and it craps out with in a month because I don’t line dry my clothes, maybe you should look into making a more quality product no?)


Did I mention how soft this thing is? We’ll say a baby blanket type of soft, no shirt needed under this bad boy.


It’s $55 with FREE SHIPPING & you get a sweet sticker that looks like a cross between a Norse God and Harry from Harry and the Henderson’s. Once again, they’re based in the UK now so shipping is a lot faster than when they were Aussie bound!!!!

Comparing to other BJJ Sweaters I’ve seen, it’s roughly $15 cheaper and that’s NOT including shipping from those other companies. As you can see, the value is definitely there but it’s also a high quality piece of apparel too.


Wrap Up

Patches O’Toole has released a lightweight, comfortable, and affordable BJJ Sweater with a design that can be appreciated by most. Some won’t like the use of certain words and you know what, that’s o.k. They’re continuously pumping out fresh designs so be on the look out for more coming your way from this rising company.

Where to buy

Patches O’Toole website



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