Padilla & Sons Lightweight – A2 – 6 Month Review

padilla and sons

Hello all, back for another follow up review. For the record, I didn’t do an initial review for the Padilla and Sons lightweight gi because there are so many reviews for the P & S gi’s out there already. Strangely though, there aren’t many follow up reviews.

This is where I come in. I like to have follow up reviews of the products I review. If you give a super stellar review of a product, and within three months it falls apart. What good does that really do? I think the customer should know about this, don’t you?

Here is my review for the Padilla & Sons Lightweight model.

The jacket is still as white as the day I got it, now this could be because I’m super awesome at washing my kimonos or it could be because the fabric is great at repelling mat crap off of it. Either way, it’s a win win. With as much washing as this gi has actually gotten, all of the seams are still as strong as when I first got it. No loose threads, rips, pin holes, or tears.

As you can see, the embroidered logo’s on the arms aren’t fraying out like some brands will do after a few washes. Padilla & Sons pride themselves on having a kimono built like a tank that can withstand even the heaviest of training.

I dried the crap out of these pants to get them to shrink to where I like them. After all the washing and drying of these pants would you like to take a guess on how they’re holding up?

Amazingly of course. Like the top, there aren’t any loose threads or tears/holes. They are slightly less white but only in the knees. This is expected though as you are on your knees a lot. (No)

For the price that Padilla is selling these gi’s for, which is phenomenal at $105 for the white, black, or blue one (that’s right, the same price for a colored gi as the white one. Unheard of in the gi business) you just can’t beat them in terms of quality and durability.
Also, if you’re familiar at all with Padilla & Sons then you already know about their awesome customer service. Usually when you email them, you get a response back in a few hours from Joe personally….even on Sunday!!!! Now what company does that in this day and age?

If you’re looking for a new gi that will last you a long long while and is quite arguably the best priced kimono out there, check out the mat rat store HERE ¬†or go to