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On The Mat has been around for a minute. They’ve had some top guys wearing their products. So of course I’m going to want to try out some gear from their company. I just so happened to have purchased a pair of the FHS shorts before they were out of stock. After over a year and a half of use and abuse, here is the conclusion that the Grapplers Review has come to regarding OTM shorts.


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I would wear these to No Gi at least once a week for around 6 months while at my previous gym. After I switched gyms I started working out in them four days a week and rolling maybe once a week for around a year now.

As you can see the color is still great with a slight greyish tint to the black now.

The red is still bright as the first day they arrived.




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The embroidery is still as good as the day I got them. No fraying on the logos surprisingly. One would think that there would be threads loose and the embroidery wouldn’t look as good anymore considering the miles they’ve been put through.

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The velcro in the pocket is still strong but on the flap velcro of the waistband it’s not quite as strong anymore and is slowly going out. That is expected though as I do undo the waistband more than the pocket.

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All the stress points are still secure and no loose threads inside or out. I don’t know if I’m getting lucky with the shorts I’m buying or the quality is just that freakin’ good.


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The drawstring rope is what has really surprised me the most. There is hardly any fraying on it at all. With some of the rope strings I’ve had on gi pants coming undone or bursting apart I was sure this would do the same.




I know you can’t get these shorts in most sizes anymore, but if the quality of these shorts is any indication of the rest of On The Mats selection you would not regret your decision in purchasing their product. I can’t speak for their gi’s but my experience with their shorts is outstanding.