Oss Kimono V. 1.0 Review – A2

Oss Kimono V. 1.0 Review – A2

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I had the pleasure to witness the beginning of Oss Kimono & Clothing on the G&E forum on Sherdog, and the trials and struggles of a company trying to start up and having to deal with the ever so popular Pakistan Kimono Row. Oss Clothing persevered though and kept on trucking to release their v 1.0 kimonos. It has been a while since they’ve released this gi and I was lucky enough to get their v 1.0 blue for review a few batches after the initial release.

The owner of OSS Kimonos has always been extremely nice to me and everyone else on the forum, and has provided great customer service in every encounter I’ve read about.

First Impressions


Upon opening the box that the kimono came in I noticed there was a thin piece of paper covering the OSS logo on the bag. I’m assuming it was to protect the ink on the bag from running. I’m not quite sure on that but the bag itself was very nice and the screen printing was evenly smooth with no cracking or missing ink.
After pulling the gi out of the bag I have to say I was pretty impressed. The color of the jacket was a deeper blue than usual and the grey contrasts to the gi really helped bring out the blue as well. It seems very well made and after a quick comb over I didn’t see anything wrong with it. Now it’s time to look closer though.

Jacket Details

  • 550 Gram Blue Pearl Weave
  • EVA Foam Collar
  • Grey Contrast stitching
  • Embroidered logos
  • Reinforced chest/arm seams


Jacket Conclusions

There are a few subtle features to the gi that are really well done in my opinion. The Jacket is a very deep royal blue in color. Usually they’re a bit lighter shade of blue from most companies but I really like this color that OSS is using. I’m not exactly sure how they got it to be a richer color but they did a great job with it. The grey contrast to it really stands and the logos being done in grey stitching really pops as well.
The inside taping on the chest and sleeve seams is a great additional feature for extra support. It’s a heavy cotton strip and is triple stitched on. The skirt and sleeve cuffs also have the same cloth for reinforcement and are triple stitched as well.
The collar is a bit thicker than normal but is very soft and only one small hiccup in the stitching on it. All of the embroidered logos and lettering are done very well in my opinion.

Pants Details

  • 10 oz blue twill cotton
  • Pearl weave gusset
  • Grey contrast stitching
  • Six Belt loops


Pants Conclusion

The pants are constructed very well. The same deep blue color with grey contrast line the gi and side splits. The belt loops are about an inch below the waist line so the rope won’t ride up on your skin and are grey in color as well. I like how the outside belt loops are placed close together as well. Speaking of the rope, it is grey and super long. Usually you have a rope that after double knotting is short but not this rope. It’s long enough I could probably knot it four times.
The knee pads are of normal length and cover the knee well before shrinking, but after I have shrink to fit the kimono they barely cover the knee when my knee is bent. They do cover the knee though and it is decent padding made up of what looks like a pearl weave material.
The Gusset is made of pearl weave and has two triangle reinforcements on each top side of the gusset with triple stitching going down the line to the cuffs which are triple stitched and have the same cotton strip as the jacket cuffs.

The Fit

It’s definitely a looser fit than I am used to. The sleeves are more open than most gi’s I receive as are the pant legs but it is a very comfortable fit. After shrinking the gi it fits better all around. The sleeves and pants aren’t quite as long on me and the chest closes up nicely as well.
I cold washed and hang dried it a few times to test the shrinkage before I threw it in the drier to shrink it and there was very minimal shrinkage. It’s almost not even worth mentioning but there was a little, maybe a quarter of an inch. I had to full blast hot dry it a few times to get it to where I like the length of the sleeves/pants.

Rolling performance

The gi is of heavier weight than the ones I usually wear but I could barely notice it. Since it is a more looser fit than I’m used to I could freely move without any restrictions. The fabric is nice and soft and there is no abrasiveness to me or my rolling partners. It seems to soak up sweat a little bit more and I’m not sure why that is.
I have found that when you dry a gi in the drier a few times afterwards it does stretch when damp and of course this one is no exception. This isn’t OSS fault though, I’m the one who stuffed it in the drier to shrink it. The sleeves and pants do tend to stretch a little bit when damp.
The collar is slick and a wee bit thicker than your standard collar which if you’ve read any of my reviews you would know that I do like a thicker collar. The skirt is a good length to be able to pull out of your belt and use but it’s also a good enough length that it’s hard for your opponent to pull out.

Final Conclusions

I’ve had this gi for almost two months now and after the first two weeks of hard training with the kimono twice a day, three times a week it has been in a steady rotation being used around three times a week now and has held up great. There are no popped stitches, color loss spots, or fabric tears anywhere on the gi that I can find.
The Oss Clothing v 1.0 is set at a price of $135, and that is the price for the black one as well. The white one is five dollars cheaper at $130. The quality of the gi is super high and it’s got the style to meet most peoples needs without being over the top. I honestly think that this gi will give you a ridiculous amount of training time and with a low price like that, how could you not purchase it?
By the way, Oss Clothing just released another gi by the name of¬† The Wolf (see that here) and if the quality of the v 1.0 I have is any indication of the The Wolf, then I would suggest you try to snag it before it’s too late as it is a limited edition release from Oss Clothing.