Oss 50th State Gi Review

Oss 50th State Gi Review

Oss 50th State A2


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We’re back with another OSS Clothing gi review for you all. OSS has released that beautiful kimono you see above and was gracious enough to have us review it. Sit back and hold tight




Jacket Details

  • 420 GSM Gold Weave
  • Black w/ silver contrast
  • Embroidered logos
  • Woven taping
  • EVA Foam collar

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Pants Details

  •  12 oz ripstop
  • Six Belt loops
  • Thicker braided drawstring
  • Gold weave gusset
  • Gold weave knee pads
  • Embroidered logo

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Quick Review

Holy amazeballs. That’s all I can really say about this gi. I know i’ve talked about soft gi’s before but this one takes the cake. We don’t use many gold weave gi’s as Pearl Weave is the flavor of the decade I guess since everyone is releasing only Pearl weaves, but this is a nice change up from the normal kimonos we see here.

It’s an IBJJF approved black, gold weave kimono with silver contrast and is ridiculously soft. It features red & yellow flawless embroidery on the shoulders of Kamehameha (the founder of the Kingdom of Hawaii, more here) and the word Onipa’a, which translates to immovable, firm, steadfast, resolute or determined, on the lower right lapel.


It was larger than I liked at first so I put it in the dryer and it shrank down to a good length. Here’s the kicker though…I can still put it in the dryer after every wash with no more shrinkage.



In all seriousness though, I only found one structural flaw with the kimono. There was no shoddy stitching, no scratchy taping, no bad embroidery. Also, there is no stretch factor even though I’ve been hot drying it. See GIF above…


Now, about that one structural flaw in the kimono I have. Unfortunately right before I was about to publish this review I was doing a last minute run through of the gi and I found this.



Bummer because that knocks down the overall awesomeness of the gi. I hate it when I find stuff like this on a gi I really like.


The weave has come up all gnarly like on one of the cuffs and the other side is showing that it will do the same thing. The folding/sewing of the cuffs were apparently not done correctly. While it’s an easy fix for a seamstress, I shouldn’t have to send to one you know?


I immediately contacted Nick at Oss and he had no qualms in offering me a brand new jacket. Going so far as to asking his manufacturer what happened and even offering me an entirely new gi for the troubles. With recent complaints from “larger” companies about their customer service, you can see that Nick wants his customers to be truly happy with his product.


Besides the taping mishap above, the only other slightly negative thing I can say about this gi is the cut, but that’s for MY body type. I’m 5’9 and 170-180lbs at this moment and the A2 is still a bit roomier than I like. I’m so used to wearing competition style cuts of gi’s that it’s awkward for me to have a gi that isn’t cut tight. It’s a nice change though, it gives me more incentive to work on grip breaking as well as giving me more room to move and not worry about any tightness, restricting my movement. Did I mention how soft it is too?


Oss is one of those brands that when you try it, you want another. This gi has style, comfort, and is priced well for what you’re getting. Basically a breathable tank without the weight. If you’re not digging the style of this particular model (really?) then they have a more tamed version called the Daruma (ripstop pants) or their Original Kimono (cotton pants) which are both slightly less on the price point as well.


Their customer service is top notch and they’ll almost answer you at any time, day or night. For a company that is as large as Oss Clothing is, that’s a huge plus and another great thing about them.


All the links are below as well as the super detailed review, so viddy well grapplers!!!!




  • Breathable
  • Gold Weave knee pads
  • Amazingly soft
  • Dryer friendly



  • Sleeve cuffs coming undone
  • Roomy cut for my body

This con isn’t exactly a “con” but more so my opinion. While it fits great, it’s still roomier than I normally like.


Weight Of Kimono:


Where to buy



Black – $165

White – Coming soon







More Detailed Review

Gi Bag

This gi bag isn’t quite like your typical bag you would receive with your gi. It’s a two part bag, essentially two bags.

The first bag is a see through, zippered top with the OSS Clothing logo printed on the outside and is one that you would normally receive with an OSS clothing kimono. It features a white pull handle for easy carry.

The second bag is more so your standard two rope, back pack style of bag with screen printed graphics on it. I have to say though, for as intricate as the Hawaii seal logo is on this bag, it’s screened ridiculously well.



Jacket Details

The black gold weave with silver contrast is one of the most softest kimonos I’ve ever felt, and that is no exaggeration. I’ve thought before, “wow this gi is soft ya know?”, but in all honesty this one is the softest that I’ve encountered.

The silver contrast stitching is the also some of the cleanest I’ve ever seen, even on the collar where I’ve found no shaky spots or hiccups in the stitching.


There is a red & yellow embroidered logo (plus woven material, it’s a nice mix) on the shoulders which depicts King Kamehameha, a silver colored word Onipa’a on the lower right lapel, and the companies name OSS on the back of the kimono under the lapel.

King Kamehameha was the founder of the Kingdom of Hawaii, more here

Onip’a translates to immovable, firm, steadfast, resolute or determined. It was the motto of Kamehameha as well as Queen Lili’uokalani.

If you look closely in the O of the OSS logo, you can see Kamehameha is included inside of it. A subtle detail that most probably won’t appreciate or notice, but it’s a nice touch.

All embroidery is nicely done and shows no sign of wear.


The grey colored woven taping is non scratchy and reads Oss with the OSS logo right after it, measures 2 cm (.75 inches) and runs along the inside of the jacket collar, bottom of the skirt, and sleeve cuffs. The taping is secured by two rows of stitching and stitched close enough to where the taping does not ride up and irritate the skin.


As stated above, the sleeve cuffs weren’t folded properly and wound up coming undone. Customer service handled it fantastically though.


Most reinforcements are standard here (Triangle side split made of ripstop, triple stitched down the arm/chest seam, double stitched sleeve cuffs)

The bottom of the jacket on the outside features a ripstop cover that measure 2.5 cm and is secured by four rows of silver stitching. Also, along the arm/chest seam there is a ripstop material covering the inside of the seam and is 3.5 cm wide, secured by three lines of black stitching.


The collar measures 5 cm tall and is about 2.5 cm at it’s thickest point. It’s flexible yet firm still, even after all of the drys. It is covered with a ripstop material and has six rows of silver stitching. One company tag is on the bottom of the left side, a silver woven tag that reads “OSS Endure Under Pressure”.


Pants Details

I was told the pants were 10 oz ripstop, but I put 12 oz because they honestly feel thicker than normal ripstop pants that I’ve had that were described as 10 oz. So take that for what it’s worth. It could be the gold weave gusset/knee pads that are making them feel heavier, but all around they feel thicker to me.


The six grey belt loops that secure the grey braided rope have a bigger opening than other belt loops. While they measure 6cm (2.5 inches) in the open part, I can fit my index, middle, and ring finger in said opening. Not sure if that’s a pro or con, but I feel it should be noted.


They’re stitched on well and are doubled over canvas material. The braided rope drawstring is slightly stretchy, not very much give to it, ensuring it stays tied better than other rope drawstrings.


There is only one piece of embroidery on the pants of the Hawaiian Islands and is on the right hip. Embroidered in an almost 3d effect that you would see on a snap back style of hat, the stitching is done well with only one loose string that is easily clipped off.


Also, there is only one small patch on the pants opposite side of the embroidery. A woven patch with two out of four sides folded over, measuring 2.25′ wide by 1.5′ tall that reads “OSS Edure Under Pressure”.


As stated previously, the knee pads are made of Gold Weave material and measure just over 14′ long by 9.5′ wide. They stop 11′ from the bottom of the pant. They seem to be sufficiently stitched on to last a while, I see no weak points or any indication that they’ll tear any time soon.


Another gold weave point would be the gusset. Triple stitched around the crotch area to hopefully ensure it doesn’t rip anywhere. I’ve never actually had a gusset (or any ripstop pants for that matter) rip on me. I hear about these horror stories of pants ripping within a month or so but I’ve never experienced it. (Probably just jinxed myself)


Reinforcements are standard being a triple stitched inseam/crotch/seat line, small triangle ripstop material for the crotch and seat, and four rows of stitching on the pant cuff.


While there is no taping on the pant cuff like the jacket’s cuffs, there is an added taping of ripstop material.



Cut wise it’s only comparable to another OSS gi.

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