Origin 2013 Comp

Origin 2013 Comp

Origin Gi Review – 2013 US Made

Here is our Origin gi review for the 2013 US made model. This was a collaborative effort between a team mate and I.

Origin has ventured into something that no one else has done, and that is make their kimonos in the USA. They set up shop in their home state of Maine and started to figure out the ins and outs of how to properly make a gi. Investing a lot of money into embroidery, sewing, and cutting machines, the owners of Origin wanted to do everything themselves. From the initial templates, to cutting, to sewing, to embroidering they wanted total control of it all.

If you’ve been following them on Facebook through the entire build up to the release of the 2013 comp model, then you’ve seen all the videos of their set up and how they’re doing things.

They’ve redesigned the way the pants are being done by offering sizes by waist and inseam to give the practitioner a more comfortable set of pants. They’ve also done away with the traditional string and loop tie system and replaced it with a plastic buckle system that closely resembles the GruntWorx enclosure system. GruntWorx used a metal system though.

We were one of the first to receive the 2013 Comp models to review, and here is our findings.

**I wanna say first that the gi was not packed very well at all. When I received the gi it was shoved into a medium flat rate USPS shipping box. When I say it was shoved I literally mean it was shoved in there, smashed down.**



  • Re imagined Pant sizing
  • Design
  • Lightweight
  • Buckle System


  • Sub par Stitching
  • Legality issues with buckle system
  • Price
  • Stretches when Wet
  • Faded quickly

Jacket Details

  • Lightweight Black Jacket
  • Embroidered Logos
  • Contrast stitching
  • Lightweight Fully Embedded Collar
  • Cowboy Cut Collar
  • Improved Arm Mobility


Pants Details

  • Black with white/light blue contrast
  • Embroidered logos
  • Redefined Pant sizing chart
  • Ergonomically Built, Cowboy Cut Knee pads
  • Cinch Tight Belt & Swiveling Buckle
  • Go Up One Size for Larger Thighs or Butt


Jacket Overview

The Jacket of the Origin 2013 Comp US Made gi is made of a very lightweight weave. I’m not sure how this light of a weave will hold up. It seems like it would be very easy to rip, but this is just first impressions really.

The 2013 Comp jacket features contrast stitching on the gi with the exception of the outside of the collar. The contrast stitching was actually done on the INSIDE of the collar and is pretty messy as far as stitching goes. The collar is also ripstop lined and in my opinion, is VERY thin and flimsy. I’m not sure why they made the contrast stitching on the inside, I guess to be different? I’m also not sure what a “cowboy cut” collar is.

Most of the embroidered logos on the 2013 Comp kimono jacket are very clean though. There are some small shaky spots on it but not many.

It features triple stitched cuffs and ripstop lining on the cuffs and side split reinforcements. The skirt is double stitched very close together with not much material folded over. You can see what I mean in the pictures above.

There are some hiccups in the stitching, especially on the bottom of the collar where they bunch up all the stitches. In fact, all of the places where the stitching bunches up like that is of below average quality.


Pants Overview

The pants do have their strong points and weak points. The sizing is great to get an almost exact perfect fit for your type of body. They really went the extra mile by doing that. They’re the first ones I believe to use this pant sizing chart, bravo Origin.

The embroidery is good, very clean for the most part. The stitching could definitely use some work though. Since we were one of the first ones to receive the gi I’ll chalk it up to inexperience on the embroiderers and sewers.

The buckle system is a great idea but there has been a big disagreement on whether or not the belt enclosure system on the pants is IBJJF Legal. The people who I asked in the IBJJF said it is not legal but Pete from Origin swears that it is and the gi has been seen in IBJJF tournaments. Whether or not they were using the buckle or the buckle was removed and an added rope was used is not said.


Fit & Rolling Performance

 My team mates hair dryer broke and hates the world right now so this section still hasn’t been completed…It’s not the end of the world D Ray, there are plenty of other hair dryers out there. (D Ray is a male by the way, and that was his back up hair dryer that broke…he fried the first one)

Initially he said that he loved the fit of it and was dang near perfect.


 Final Conclusions

Origin is doing something great by being able to manufacture gi’s in the US and slowly cut out Pakistan, but in my opinion if you’re going to release a US Made product with a higher price tag then it should be of higher quality. Granted, this is one of the first models to go out so there were some expected issues to arise but since Pete and Jon from Origin can oversee every little detail that goes into their gi’s they should, in reality, be able to control quality issues as well.

I know they can’t inspect every gi that goes out but at the very least one out of every five gis can be checked for faults right? I’ve only seen a few reports of the Origin 2013 gi’s with the same issues as mine so it looks like I got a bad one.

The price of the Origin 2013 Comp kimono is $198 before shipping. When you include in the $22 Medium Flat Rate shipping that’s a lot of money for a gi even if it is made in the U.S. (Not sure why shipping is so high as you gi connoisseurs know it doesn’t cost that much to ship a gi, especially in a medium flat rate box like it came in)

Maybe my hopes were set way too high considering this is the first US made kimono to hit the market, maybe I’m being too harsh about the stitching issues. I see a lot of kimonos from a lot of brands, and I guess I have been spoiled with these brands who have higher quality kimonos for a price that is considerably less than what Origin is charging, but in all honesty I haven’t seen anything besides the cut of the pants that actually wows me. The buckle system is nice don’t get me wrong, but considering the IBJJF changes their minds every two seconds I don’t know if you’ll actually be able to compete in it.

In my unbiased opinion….I would pass on this kimono until further notice. The price is high and the quality is not what you would expect from a company who’s “Factory” is in their own back yard. Give it some time for Origin to figure out the kinks and pound them out, I’m sure they’ll be knocking out some fantastic quality gi’s in due time.

Customer Service

When I originally ordered this kimono, I was running a giveaway as well and ordered one for the contest winner. Both of the gi’s i ordered had stitching issues and I will give it to Origin, when I contacted them about the stitching issues Pete called me directly at home and after explaining to him the stitching issues he immediately sent out another one for the contest winner.

He explained that those two kimonos had to have been the ones that were a first model on a separate shelf and shouldn’t have been sent out. I appreciate the fact that Pete called me directly at home and wanted to get to the bottom of it quickly and make the situation right. Kudos to Pete, Jon and the rest of the Origin crew.