Ohana Paracord Ranked Key Fob

Ohana Paracord Ranked Key Fob

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 OHANA Paracord Ranked Key Fobs


Before we get into the actual product itself, here’s a little bit about the owner of Ohana Paracord, Mike Beltran

I was born and raised in Hawaii, hence the “Ohana” name. Joined the US Air Force 14 years ago and still going, hence the paracord part. I’m currently stationed in Prescott, AZ at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University AFROTC Program. This past summer I was sent to Montgomery, AL, by the AF, to train in the AF Combatives Program and loved every bit of it. After I returned to AZ, I immediately joined the local BJJ school and been hooked since. I’ve been making paracord bracelets for my family and friends as a hobby over a year ago and thought making something BJJ centered would be cool. After seeing a few bracelet type BJJ belt products online, my co-worker and fellow BJJ training partner had the idea of key fobs. I made him my prototype, then a few samples for others locally and after a few modifications, I got a product that I’m proud of.


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  • 6 feet of paracord
  • 5.5 inches in length
  • belt ranked
  • stripes if wanted



The Ohana Paracord ranked belt key fob features six feet of tightly woven paracord with an added electrical heat shrink wrap to form a belt key fob that can include stripes if you wish. I asked Mike why he added the stripes and here is his response.

I’m trying to get the products that BJJ feel, and by adding the same tape that you’d use to tape your real belt, it makes you appreciate the product more.

I think it’s a nice touch on the stripes and really does give it that personal feel especially if you put them on as you go along your journey. I’ve been seeing people do this recently with their Beats headphones as well and they look nice too!



The ends are singed down and pushed in to ensure that they don’t come unraveled over time. The only one you can actually tell where he singed it was on the white one. The other ranks are dark enough you don’t see it and/or can’t tell.

I asked Mike if the length of the key fobs was for structural reasons and his reply was


The length is 5.5″ for no structural strength reason at all. When I started making them, I made some that was a little longer and shorter and the beta testers/ guys at my BJJ school thought it was a good length.



This is where the Ohana Paracord key fobs differ from other paracord products. Along with the tape mentioned earlier the rank bar and the ends towards the key ring are made of electrical heat shrink wrap and are tightly pressed to the paracord. The rank bar has no real give to it and when bent doesn’t move very much as you can see from the pictures. Perfect for a key chain.

As for staying clean, the white one is the only one that shows dirt (obviously) but you can throw it in the washer with no problems.



These ranked key chain fobs are $8 shipped in the US and are HAND MADE TO ORDER. I think it’s a pretty fair price after doing some research on other paracord products. Like the website will tell you, please allow for adequate delivery since these are hand made to order products.

All in all, the Ohana Paracord ranked key chain fob was made well and so far after all the bending, twisting, washing, and pocket keeping it’s been through I think it’s gonna last quite a while. If you like what you see and read here then go check out their WEBSTORE HERE and get yourself one or check out their other products. Be sure to like them on FACEBOOK as well!!!