Newaza Apparel Collection

Newaza Apparel Collection

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Newaza Apparel Shirts

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Since Newaza Apparel has started, they’ve been putting out some really great designs. From their “In Jiu Jitsu We Trust” design to their “Jiu Jitsu Time” shirt there have shirts for everyone’s varied tastes in design. T from Newaza sent me a HUGE care package full of awesome shirts to check out and I couldn’t be happier with the shirts quality, fit, and comfort. Super huge thanks to T and Newaza Apparel.

Be sure to check out NEWAZAAPPAREL.COM for even more designs than what we have shown here.


Newaza uses multiple shirt brands for their t shirts. Of the six shirts I was sent they use four Anvil and two ring spun Port & Company shirts. They all read “pre-shrunk” but I did experience a little bit of shrinkage with them. It was a good shrinkage as it made for a better fit of shirt.

All six shirts feel of medium weight, they’re not too heavy and they’re not see through either. Very soft shirts and breathe incredibly well. The size of all six shirts is Large for reference.

Each shirt is screen printed very well with the exception of the grey “Jiu Jitsu Saved My Life” shirt which is cracked and faded in certain spots towards the bottom. I’m not sure if it was intended to be this way but I like the look of it as the cracked printing makes it look vintage.

The Bearded Grappler and the black Newaza Hannya Mask shirt have a pleather feel to them on the design because of the heavy screen printing so they’re slightly heavier feeling than the other shirts but the printing is very well done, especially considering the amount of ink that has gone on to the shirt.

Like I said above, Newaza Apparel has designs that would fit everyone’s taste and the quality of the shirts is impeccable. The price of their shirts is lower than most brands as well and that’s a pretty big plus too. They constantly have one off designs that are just as cool as their normal in stock designs so be sure to check them out on


and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the quality, comfort, fit, or the friendliness of the owners.

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