Newaza Apparel Collection Part II

Newaza Apparel Collection Part II

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 Newaza Apparel Collection Part II

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We’re back again with another collection of BJJ tees from Newaza Apparel. Newaza has been super busy since the last time we’ve highlighted them. Sponsoring tournaments, building their stable of competitors, and even releasing some children’s/womens shirts as well.

Growing more and more popular by the day, a lot of their shirts aren’t made a second time so if you like a design your best bet is to snatch it up when it comes out. They have deals and sales every once and a while so be sure to keep up with their Instagram and Facebook pages for details.

Shirt Quality

The quality of the Newaza Apparel shirts feel slightly higher than the last batch of shirts we received. Extremely soft, of medium weight for select shirts but all with a slight touch of shrinkage. They do tighten up quite nicely and end up with more of an athletic/slender fit when all is said and done like the last batch though.

These shirts have an added screen printed Newaza Tag but they feel like the previous collection of Anvil or Port & Company brand. I’m not exactly sure which brand they’re using but so far they’re holding up well. Some shirts develop holes very fast after washing and drying a few times.


Design Quality

All of the screen printing on these shirts is top notch. Not a single break or mis-screened line. The ones that do have a lot of ink on them are smooth without any over use of ink. The Murder the Mats shirt looks amazing when you see it in person. Definitely a sight to see.

The designs themselves are also quite unique which is something that Newaza Apparel is known for.



Once again Newaza Apparel has knocked it out of the park with their designs & quality.  Like I said before, they have a design for everyone and a price point to rival a lot of shirt providers. The quality is slightly higher (weight and shrinkage wise) than the last batch but that’s not me putting down the last batch of shirts which are all still going extremely strong!!!

Remember to check out their feeds for info on all their newest shirts and deals that they have going on.

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