Moya Brand Sublimated Long Sleeve Rash Guard

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So I was browsing Facebook and saw that Moya was releasing long sleeved Ranked rash guards. I was excited because as a whole, Moya puts out quality products and I knew this would be no exception.
From their gi’s down to their belts they have never disappointed me. Two gi’s, a few shirts, a belt, and now a rash guard.

Moya Brand Fully Sublimated Premium Rashguards, Blue
**IBJJF Approved.
**No cracking or peeling, all artwork is dyed into the fabric.
**Longer Body length to reduce riding up while rolling.
**80% Polyester, 20% Spandex.

Nice sublimated designs, not too gaudy and not too plain. The sleeves are also slightly longer than most rash guards, as well as the stated above longer body length. I’m 5’9 and 160 pounds and I went with a Large because I like them to be a tad looser. Here you can see the fit of the rashguard on me

Yes I lost this match.

It doesn’t ride up on you while grappling unless someone is grabbing at your clothes, which they shouldn’t be anyways but you know how that goes.

This rash guard is also of thicker material, so it’s a tad bit warmer but still completely breathable. Perfect for the down time in between matches to keep your muscles warm.

I’m going to assume that since this rash guard is of thicker material it also will not tear that easily. I’ll be using this rash guard a lot to test it out and as time goes on I’ll give more updates to the durability of the material as well as fading of the sublimation if there is any. 

For the price of this rash guard, you can’t beat it. Sure there are other brands out there that are less expensive (not many though) you are also getting what you pay for. This price tag seems to be the norm among established rash guard makers and with the quality of this rash guard I can assure you that Moya is here to make an impact on the rash guard/BJJ gear market. If quality is what you’re looking for, look no further than Moya Brand. Excellent customer service also follows this brand, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions for the owner will promptly respond.

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