Moya Brand Bluedial Gi – A1

moya brand

4/6/2012 – Back again, this time reviewing the Moya Brand Bluedial kimono in size A1. They’re a fairly new company with not a ton of reviews but so far from what i’ve read everyone of them has great things to say so my hopes were pretty high when ordering this gi but I’ll keep my review un-biased and report everything.

Opening – First off there were some questions regarding the cut and if they were using the same type as Shoyoroll. In my opinion yes they are, but when I pulled this gi out of the bag and unfolded it it was clear to me this was a superior gi than anything Shoyoroll has put out the last couple of batches and I am a huge Shoyoroll fan so that’s saying a lot. From the stitching holding it together to the embroidered logo’s down to the support stitching in stressful areas. As I began to turn it over though, I discovered that there was in fact some spotty stitching on the back which disappointed me. So after seeing that I went over this gi with an even more careful eye to see if they had hidden any other spotty stitching and here is the results:

Measurements – All of the measurements are here, I used someone elses template with some added areas. I don’t remember who I got the template from but thank you to whoever made it. I cold wash and used a fan to dry it while I was at work because I thought i was gonna be able to make it to open mat tonight but work kept me a little late and I missed it. It didn’t shrink a lot but it could use some shrinking to fit me a tad better.

Jacket – The first thing I looked at was the patch and if it was removable because there were questions about it and if it was like the Tatami and stitched into the collar. No it is not stitched into the collar and it is easily removable if that is what you want.

The second thing I wanted to look at was the cuff reinforcement. Where as a lot of jackets are double or triple stitched, This one is triple stitched on the outside and then quadruple stitched on the inside with a taping that is made of the same material as the pants.

The jacket is made of a 450 gram pearl weave with EVA foam collar. The contrast stitching on the collar is dang near straight in every line with the exception of one spot that barely goes off course. No loose threads anywhere that I could see and the bottom of the jacket is double stitched on the outside and triple stitched on the inside with the same inside taping as the cuff.
The stress points on the side vents have the typical triangle reinforcement and are double stitched on there.

The shoulder reinforcement is triple stitched with two on top and one on the bottom.
The sleeve seams that run up the sleeve and run through the jacket are triple stitched as well.

The skirt is a good length and comes just above the mid thigh. Great for using to choke your opponent

The collar – As with my last review you will see that the collar plays a big part for me liking the gi. This one has a decent collar on it, it’s the same size as the Shoyoroll White Mamba but slightly smaller than an Atama single weave.

 Left to right: White mamba, Atama single weave, Lucky Gi, Moya
 Pants12oz cotton twill pants and a 32 thread count drawcord. I’m not sure what the difference is between a regular drawcord and the 32 count, maybe someone can elighten me. The first thing I noticed was that the rope loops are stitched up higher. This isn’t really a problem to me but to some it is. They also come equipped with the stretchy rope that almost everyone loves. I also must add that the rope loops are stitched on very well, I doubt they will be coming off anytime soon like other pants have had problems with.

The second thing I noticed was that the front of the pants sit lower than the back of the pants. Not by a lot but it is noticeable.
The pants seams running up the legs and to the gusset are all triple stitched. They have the triangle reinforcement for the crotch area and is single stitched.

The pant cuff is double stitched with the same taping as the Jacket Cuff and bottom of the skirt

The patch on the pants leg is also removable if you’re not into it.

The pants are heavier, it seems like they’ll hold a lot of sweat and get heavier with training so you might want to get the rip stop pants as well if you plan to use this as a competition gi.

The fit and comfort of the Gi:
This gi is a good fit, not too loose and not too tight. The knee pads actually cover the knees as well which will be good for long training sessions.

Closing summary:
It seems like Jesse and the owners of Moya wanted to make a gi that was superior to what else was on the market as far as lightweight gi’s. So far I am very pleased with this gi even though I haven’t rolled in it yet and they have succeeded in their mission of making not only a stylish gi that’s not over the top, but well made and seems like it will last. I will reserve the final judgement after I have rolled in it and see how well it holds up to training two and three times a day 5 days a week.

Sorry about the flash in some pictures and not in others, it doesn’t want to work sometimes. I need a better camera. I hope this review is helpful to you.

***As an update, I have beat this gi to death and it is holding up GREATLY.*** 8/4/2012