Moya Brand – Bluedial A1 – 4 Month Update

Moya Brand Bluedial Gi – 4 Months Later
moya brand

So here we are exactly four months later and after many, many hours on the mat for this gi I can honestly tell you that this is my favorite gi to use out of a ton of gis I’ve owned/trained in. I’ve used this gi the most the past four months and the fit has only gotten better with time. I literally go through gi’s like they’re nothing. I don’t usually keep gi’s that long because I always find something about them that I can’t stand or their quality quickly turns sour. I’m very O.C.D about my gi’s but with this one I have found NOTHING wrong with it and it has only gotten better the more I’ve owned it.

This gi has held up tremendously well over the last four months and it’s color is still a nice blue but has a touch of fade to it.

I changed the patch to the other side and the patch is the ONLY thing on here that is fraying but I know it’s because I did a shotty job of stitching it back on so that’s not Moya’s fault at all.

All of the stitching is as great as the day I bought it. No loose threads at all, inside or outside of the gi.
The pants are what are really surprising as they’re holding up exceptionally well.
You hear of so many gi pants that are trashed so quickly and rip prematurely over nothing or their rope drawstring starts to fray out with a few weeks time. Not these, they were built like a tank and are definitely some of the best pants out there.
 As you can see, even the belt loops haven’t the slightest of tear in them or fraying. I haven’t restitched them or reinforced them in any way. I tried to get a good picture of the rope drawstring but it wouldn’t come out right. There is no fraying or exploding whatsoever of the chord.

The pants have faded more than the top has but along with a lot of other peoples opinions I think the faded blue looks better.

This is one of the best gi’s on the market right now and I would definitely suggest getting
it if you’re in the market for a new gi. You can’t beat the price and you won’t find better
quality even from the “big” names of Jiu Jitsu gi’s.
 I know I speak very highly of Moya Brand, but rest assured I am not sponsored or have any connection with the company other than a fan of their gear. I have been asked if I was an employee of the company because I suggest them all the time but I am not. I am not an employee of any company I review. I just like to train a lot and give my insight for other people out there as to which companies are doing what and which ones are the best at the current time.
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