Modern Flow Traveler Pack Review

Modern Flow Traveler Pack Review

Modern Flow Traveler Pack Review

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– Approx 30″ x 16″ x 12″
– 1 Extra Large Main pocket
– 2 Large Auxiliary pockets
– 2 Sizable organizational pockets with a variety of mesh and non mesh areas
– 1 Built-in sunglasses case
– 1 Built-in Cell phone/MP3 player case
– 1 Extra Large “dirty laundry” enclosure with “private” ventilated mesh
– 1 Large Water bottle holder that keeps hots hot and colds cold
– Convertible to either a duffel bag or Backpack without any adjusting


Quick Review

The Modern Flow Travelers Pack is marketed as “The last bag you will ever buy”, and to be honest…I could see why. The Travelers Pack features everything you could possibly want in a bag. It’s got tons of storage with numerous pockets, hard cases for your phone/sunglasses, an insulated pocket for a beverage or small food items, and of course Auxiliary holes for your headphones. It seems a little bulky but if you travel a lot or take a lot of things to a tournament you could definitely use this pack. Cool thing is, it’s large enough for a lot of items but just small enough to use as a carry on for a plane. WIN!


The Bag features an extra large main compartment with two zippered pockets inside of it and a laptop sleeve on the top flap that fits a 13″ laptop, one large pocket on each end of the bag, a medium sized pocket on each side with multiple zippered pockets inside, hard case phone cover, ID slip, an insulated drink pocket that is large enough for most water bottles, a smaller valuables pocket, a hard case for sunglasses (or anything really) and another large ventilated pocket on the bottom that extends out through a two zipper system. I could honestly talk about all the pockets and space it has, but it’s something you really need to see to believe. Scroll down for all the pics and video (video is processing now)


I’ve stuffed the bag with two kimonos and a bunch of other items on a daily basis for over a month, and the weight is evenly distributed and it doesn’t feel like it’s bogging me down. The straps seem a little thin but they don’t tear into your shoulders or feel uncomfortable in the slightest bit, even when packed full of gis. The zippers are freaking amazing and haven’t had a single hiccup in them. They even have a MF stamped plastic pull that makes it easy to zip and unzip one of the numerous pockets and storage spaces.


The clip system that is on the straps helps distribute the weight exceptionally well buuuuuut one of the clips broke. Upon looking at the clip I realized that it was a tiny piece of the clip that broke. I honestly have no idea how it broke but even after the clip breaking the bag still traveled to New York without a hitch. It was packed full of items and still was allowed as a carry on.


I have spoken with David from Modern Flow about the clip and he has said that there were a couple of instances where this happened but they have fixed the issue on the restock of bags, and if anyone has an issue with it please contact them and they will take care of it.


As a note, even with the clip being broken it still distributes the weight evenly. Not quite as well with the clip, but still fairly well.

When looking at the price of this bag, which is $140, it’s definitely one of the highest priced bags on the market. In fact, I only found two other bags (from the same company) that are higher in cost and they’re a mere five dollars more. I personally think it’s too high of a price for a bag (most bags are over priced), but considering all the space, storage, and quality of the bag (besides the clips) I can understand why they’re charging what they are. I could also see people not wanting to spend that kind of money on a bag and I completely understand, but I think you would be happy if you bite the bullet and give it a try. Hopefully Modern Flow will have a sale soon and you can pick this bag up cheaper.
For the record, I am totally happy with this bag and use it every day even when only carrying a gi and a few other items. When using a few items I generally carry it as a duffel. It’s easier that way.


All photos are from after the review has been completed, this is why the bag looks like after being used every day for around two months I think? (no filters or editing on the photos)

I’m 5’9 185 and this is how the bag fits on me with two gis, two rash guards, two shorts, a belt, a jacket, and other misc items like tape, mouth guard, water bottle, etc.


  • Lots of storage
  • Large but carry on compliant
  • Distributes weight evenly
  • Insulated pocket


  • Clip broke
  • Straps are small feeling
  • Cost










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