Modern Flow Saiya-jin Dogi Batch 3

Modern Flow Saiya-jin Dogi Batch 3

Modern Flow Saiya-jin Dogi Batch 3 (A2)

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Are you a fan of Dragon Ball? Perhaps you want to release your inner Saiyan? Well fear not Dragon Ballers, you’re in luck as Modern Flow Brand has given you the gi you’ve always dreamed of! I present to you, the Modern Flow Saiya-jin Dogi Batch 3 kimono.

 *Disclaimer || Fusion dance may not work while wearing this gi but you might as well try it.*


Jacket Details

  • 550 lightweight pearl weave
  • Orange w/ Blue Collar/stitching
  • Embroidered logos
  • Woven taping
  • Allows you potential to go SSJ3

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Pants Details

  • 12 oz twill pants
  • Orange w/Blue contrast
  • Pearl weave gusset
  • Pearl weave knee pads
  • Embroidered Logos
  • Woven taping

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Quick Review

Modern Flow has produced a well made, but NON IBJJF Approved gi. (obviously since it’s orange)


Here is some thoughts on the gi by our good pal Stevesies, who has also owned the first Saiya-jin Dogi kimono.


First thing I noticed was it was a bit bigger than the 1.0, Sayjin Dogi. The pants were also bit softer to the touch, as was the jacket.
The A2 top of the 3.0 fits well around the shoulders, but on me is a touch too long on the arms. The sleeves came just onto the back of my hands, the sleeve openings needed to be a bit more tapered. I kept having to fight off spider guard more than I wanted to which was a disadvantage for me, but maybe I have short arms though? Other than the length of sleeves, the jacket fits great everywhere else.
The pants are a little snug but the thighs loosened up after rolling a bit. I’m not saying the snug fit wasn’t bad though, it made it hard for my rolling partners to get a grip on the pants to finish sweeps, so that played to my advantage. The Gi material in the gusset of the pants made them able to be flexible enough to roll in and not rack yourself from being tight on the legs. They were tight/loose in the right places, so the pants were great in my opinion. One thing to note is, the knee’s are wearing fairly quickly. Wearing a lot faster than the Batch 1.
The color has started to fade a little after around the 6 wash mark and one drying (washed cold, normal cycle 6 times , dried medium heat 30 min, once) The pants held their color better than the jacket, and now the jacket is more of an orange creamsicle in color and you can see spots of white through the dye now. The edges of the gi like the sleeve cuffs are also fading very quickly. (I tried to get clear pictures of the white spots around the gi but the camera couldn’t pick them up – GR)

David from Modern Flow had this to say about the fading:

Our only possible reasoning for the fading is: A. That specific gi material used was not in the dying process as long as batch 1. Or B. It was washed in high heat more than batch 1. We believe it to be option A.We also think this was isolated to a small amount of the batch 3 gis.
The patches have held up well.
All in all its a strong, well made GI and I enjoy rolling in it. It has good movement and the lapel is fairly hard to hold for long periods of time, and unless their at the end of the sleeve with a cuff grip the (since it needs to be tapered just a bit for me) the softer, material is harder to hold and easier to break grips than it’s counterpart 1.0. but I enjoy wearing/rolling in both of them.
I give the 3.0 five dragon balls (remember there are only 7).


All the links are below as well as the super detailed review, so viddy well grapplers!!!!


  • The design (If you’re a fan of DB)
  • Soft
  • Thick collar



  • Knee wear
  • Fading

Where to buy


Orange w/ Blue collar – $175

Orange – $175

Blue – $175








More Detailed Review

Gi Bag

The Saiya-jin Dogi kimono comes in a clear plastic package with a white handle, and a zippered top. The Modern Flow logo is screen printed onto the bag.


Jacket Details

The Saiyan-jin is made of 550 gsm and the orange pearl weave is LOUD and eye-catching. The dye job on the jacket was done exceptionally well. There isn’t a blotched spot anywhere on the gi. The blue contrast and stitching that accompany  the jacket helps to make the gi pop and give it that wow factor.


The EVA foam collar is covered in blue twill material with orange contrast stitching. As with a few of the gi’s I’ve gotten recently the outside of the collar has great stitching, and is almost perfect. On the inside though, it is a little wavy though. Not that it really matters as long as the outside is straight and does its job of holding the collar together, which it does so far.


There are three spots of branding on the outside of this kimono top.


1. The left chest area has a small circular embroidered/woven patch combo depicting a kanji character that is pronounced “Go” (meaning “wisdom” or “enlightenment”). It measures 3.5 inches around

2. On the lower left lapel, the words “MODERNFLOWB” are embroidered in the DBZ style of font.

3. The back of the kimono features a large circular woven/embroidered patch that is known as the “King Kai” kanji symbol and measures 10.5 inches around.


With the “Go” and “King Kai” kanji logos, they are made up of a woven material and embroidered combination. While you do hear of the woven/embroidered patch combination on kimonos, the way that this is done is something different considering this wasn’t just a “patch” per say. It’s actually ON the kimono.


The “modernflowb” embroidery was done fantastically. Not a single stitch is out-of-place.


The only woven taping that this kimono has is featured on the bottom of the skirt, and in the sleeve cuffs. It is blue in color and features seven yellow circles, and inside each one is a red star that progresses from the number one, up to the number seven. If you follow the popular anime show that this gi is based on, you will get the reference.


The taping is secured by two rows of blue stitching and is not folded over like some taping are. It’s not scratchy at this point in time but I’m confident it won’t become scratchy and will only become softer with use.


The bottom of the jacket skirt, on the outside, has a layer of orange drill cotton that measures one inch high and is secured by four rows of blue contrast stitching. The stitches do wave a little bit but stay on the material and don’t come up onto the jacket.


The inside neck yoke is made of a reversed pearl weave and features a brand/size tag on the yoke, but there is something that is drastically different between this gi and others in terms of the yoke itself.


The size tag that is on the neck yoke, was sewn on before the yoke itself was attached to the gi. That means there is no contrast stitching on the back of the gi where the brand tag would be. A small detail that I’m sure not many would catch but IMO, this is a big detail that all gi companies should do.


The tag itself is tan in color with black writing, is circular shaped, and measures 5.25″ around.


As for reinforcements, they are your standard that you will see on most kimonos. Double stitched cuffs, triple stitched arm sleeve/chest seam. The side split reinforcement varies between gi companies but you will either see a triangle or a square/rectangle reinforcement. The Modern Flow Saiya-jin has the triangle version and is made from twill cotton


The Saiya-jin top was made well and is a good lightweight gi top.


Pants Details


The Saiya-jin pants are made of slightly heavier 12 oz twill cotton and featuring the same orange color as the top with blue contrast to them. Once again, the dye job was done amazingly well and there are no blotched spots anywhere on the pants.


The pants feature six blue belt loops that hold up the pants with a blue braided stretchy rope. All of the loops are large enough that two of my fingers (Index/middle, or middle/ring) can fit comfortably inside them. I even tested it with an actual dress belt and the belt fit perfectly inside of them.


The pants also feature a pearl weave gusset and knee pads which match the orange color of the rest of the kimono.


There is only one spot of branding on the Saiya-jin pants.


1. On the right hip flexor/quad area there is a circular logo with four red stars on the inside of it. It measures slightly under five inches around. Once again if you follow the popular anime show, you’ll get the reference of this design.


The embroidery of the ball is done well but seems to have a slightly hiccup in the lower portion of the embroidery.


The pant cuffs feature another layer of twill cotton that measures one inch high and is secured by four rows of blue stitching.


The pearl weave knee pads measure 12.5″ long and have five inner rows of horizontal stitching to secure them. Normally the stitching is vertical on knee pads so we’ll see how this way holds up. You can definitely see some hiccups in the stitching since they’re going horizontally, I’m not sure how if it’s just aesthetics at this time.


All reinforcements are typically standard (Triple stitched inseam running through the gusset up the crotch/back seam, triangle reinforcement on the crotch/seat)


The pants seem to be of great construction, minus the small hiccups in stitching in certain spots but nothing major or out of the ordinary from most gi pants.



 modfern flow brand size chart


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