Modern Flow Akatsu Gi Review

Modern Flow Akatsu Gi Review

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Modern Flow Akatsugi Review (A1W)

This review was done by our good friend and instructor, Stephen Gourley. Stephen is 5’8 and weighs 210 lbs. He tried out the new A1W sized gi.


Jacket Details

  • 550 Pearl Weave
  • Dual color collar
  • Screen printed logos
  • Embroidered/woven patch work


Pants details

  • Heavy twill pants
  • Custom knee pad stitch design
  •  Loop rope
  • Stretchy drawstring rope

Quick Review


Weather your goal is world peace, (Naruto part 1) or interested in criminal ventures (Naruto part 2) the Akatsugi is your best bet. I noticed first off the two tone lapel, and patches from Naruto, being an avid anime fan myself you can understand my excitement over another anime inspired creation from the guys at Modern Flow.

Being on the shorter/thick side of things they sent out a new sizing fit, the A1W, being 5’7” ish and 210lbs with thick shoulders and legs from the old days of powerlifting I was skeptical of fitting into an A1, but it fit like a glove, it was able to close around my shoulders and all the way down, the sleeves fit right where they were supposed to, right at the wrist. With one exception the skirt (the part of the GI that is left under the belt) was a bit short for my liking having it comes untucked during free rolling quite easy. The comfort level of the Akatsugi is very nice being 550 pearl weave, it was soft to wear right out of the packaging. The trousers fit are snug in the thighs (if you have thick quads) but they are very soft/flexible and still afford good movement.

The lapel is a bit tough to grip for your opponents which is a good thing but doesn’t rub your neck raw, the sleeves are tapered right so that It’s harder to grip, but you still have a loose enough fit in the arms down to your wrist, the “skirt” portion is shorter good and bad, comes untucked easier, but your opponent cannot use the lapel ends against you to better their grip for a choke, armbar, or across the back.

Through several Washing cycles, (being washed at least twice a week for 3 months) the black/red did not fade, the patches and inside art work ( the shuriken) are all prominent and not dull in appearance from the first day of use. The pants that feature some interesting stitching on the knee area are still holding up fantastically. The bullseye pattern isn’t showing any weak spots.

This newer fit and sizing that they are using is great for BJJ practitioners built like me, low to the ground and wide at the shoulders, I really enjoy wearing this GI and it’s now one of my main rotations for when I’m teaching a class as it allows me to move fairly freely through a drill or a free roll, it’s very comfortable and affords good movement.


  • Good fit
  • All color, patches, and art have held up well
  • Comfortable
  • Allows good movement
  • Shorter skirt means less to grab


  • Shorter skirt comes untucked easier
  • Pants are a little tight in the thighs
  • I only have one

Weight of Kimono

4 lbs


Coming soon








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