Manto Gi – Pro X Review – A2

Manto Gi – Pro X Review – A2

Manto Gi

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Once again the Grapplers Review is back with another review from a very well known brand, Manto.

Manto is one of the leaders in unique fight wear and is widely popular around the world, especially in Japan. With the likes of Japanese superstars Shinya Aoki and Masakazu Imanari, and American Grappling standouts Dean Lister and Gianni Grippo wearing the brand we’re thinking that Manto has to be a great company with quality product. Are they though?

We’re going to be reviewing their A2 sized “X” Pro Light gi. They offer the gi in two color schemes, one is white material with purple stitching and the second is blue with white stitching. We will be discussing the white one with purple stitching.

Here’s the description straight from Manto’s site:

The newest generation of MANTO BJJ PRO Gis ! Made with the highest attention to details, using premiere quality materials and production technology; this Gi is an excellent choice for the advanced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practicioner!
MANTO’s “X” Gi features a 450 gsm (gram per sq meter) pearl weave top, light on the scale, yet strong enough to witstand the stress of competition or everyday’s  training.
Pants are made of extra lightweight ripstop cotton, which provides both comfort and increased durability. MANTO “X” BJJ Gi is an exclusive MANTO design, unique and classy!


Now on with the show….



IMG_0366 copy

First Impressions/Jacket:

IMG_0371 copyThe manto gi came in a pretty nice bag, it’s a shoulder sling type of bag and has the Manto 24/7 365 “X” logo screen printed on it. It’s white with purple logo’s and stretchy rope.

IMG_0385 copy

When first pulling the gi out of the bag I immediately saw the inside taping and wanted to get a closer look at it.

A lot of the time the taping is scratchy and not stitched on very well so this tends to be the first place I look on a gi now if I see the inside taping going around the collar.

This taping is surprisingly soft and non scratchy. It’s stitched close enough to the edges that it doesn’t ride up and irritate you while drilling or rolling.

IMG_0386 copy

IMG_0387 copy

Besides the snazzy logo of the taping which reads 24/7/365/all day/Manto in a silver and purple color scheme, which is woven by the way, the tag is also pretty snazzy as well.

IMG_0393 copy

The taping runs all the way down the inside of the collar to the bottom of the inside of the skirt and around. IMG_0390 copy

IMG_0391 copy

The side split reinforcement is the usual triangle logo as seen in most gi’s.

The tag on the bottom of the collar reads “Jiu Jitsu” with the 24/7 logo under it.

Around the skirt is reinforced with ripstop and has four rows of stitching securing it.

After opening the gi to take pictures of the inside taping I noticed something very large on the inside of the jacket.

IMG_0388 copy

The 24/7/265 logo placed on the inside of the jacket in Purple screen print.

After looking at it for a second I wondered if you could see it through the other side…

IMG_0401 copy

In fact you could very faintly see it from the other side. It is a very thick screen print. I don’t expect it to wash off anytime soon.

IMG_0400 copy

While we’re looking at the back of the gi, right below the collar in center is the Manto logo embroidered on. You can see it connects in a few places through the stitching.

When looking at the back of the gi I also noticed something else. . .

IMG_0398 copyI’m not exactly sure what this is, either purple screen print or purple dye but it took about three washes for it to come out.

IMG_0395 copy

Back to the front of the gi we have the MANTO logo going down both sides of the shoulders.

I only took pictures of the one side though. Both of the shoulder logos have great embroidery and haven’t had a single stitch come out so far.

IMG_0402 copy

The right sleeve has the 24/7/365 logo embroidered on it.

The Collar:

IMG_0394 copy

If you’ve read any of my reviews you’ll know that I am in fact a collar snob. From the stitching to the thickness and how hard or soft the collar is.

I don’t know if it’s by luck but here recently I’ve been getting gi’s with nice collars on them.

This gi is no exception to that “luck” of mine. The collar has a nice thickness to it and holds its shape extremely well.

The Fit:

IMG_0433 copyIMG_0431 copyIMG_0432 copy


I asked the Manto USA Staff what size I should get. Going by their size chart there was only a little bit of a difference between the A1 and A2.

They told me I should go with the A2. As you can see from the photos, in my opinion I think the A1 would’ve been a better choice. It’s fairly long and a bit loose out of the bag.

I’ve hot washed and full 60 min dry to get the jacket to a normal level for me. These are the before pictures.

For the past week i’ve warm washed and thrown it in the dryer 8 times in the past week and it’s to the point now where it’s not going to shrink anymore. The arms are about two fingers away from the wrist bone and the skirt and chest have shrank to a nice size.


Jacket Conclusion:

Despite the purple coloring on the back and the sizing issue, it’s still a well made jacket. It performs well in rolling, doesn’t stretch out and has a nice design to it that isn’t exactly groundbreaking as far as construction is concerned but isn’t sub par in craftsmanship either. They didn’t skimp on reinforcements but didn’t weigh the jacket down with extra material either.

IMG_0403 copy

On a side note, does anyone know what this black mark is? I’ve been noticing them pop up on white gi’s after washing for a while.

Whether it’s on the pants or the jacket there’s always at least one somewhere on the gi.



The Pants:

IMG_0373 copy

What’s that you ask?

“Why Grapplers Review, Is that taping going around the inside of the waist?”

Why yes my fellow grappler….it is. Thank you for asking.

“Isn’t that going to be scratchy and uncomfortable?”

IMG_0376 copy


No my fellow grapplers, it is not!!!!



Fear not my awesome readers, the same non scratchy taping and perfectly placed stitching is on the inside of the pants waist as well!! That subtle little change is covering the seam and a nice addition. It doesn’t make the gi cost anymore than most companies and is still cheaper than most as well!!

IMG_0384 copy

Aside from the inside seam tape on the inside of the waist as mentioned above, the Pro X gi is boasting white super lightweight ripstop pants with purple contrast stitching, belt loops, stretchy rope drawstring and side splits.

IMG_0375 copy

IMG_0382 copy

Man…Look at that ripstop

IMG_0380 copy

Crotch reinforcement is the nothing unusual. Triangle with triple stitching going down the leg.

IMG_0383 copy

A little bit of extra material for the knee pads. Not a lot to keep the weight down but a little bit extra never hurts right?

IMG_0379 copy

The same soft inside taping is on the inside of the pant cuff while being quadruple stitched on for security.

IMG_0378 copy

IMG_0377 copy

On the left pant leg below the knee pad is a purple circle patch with the same 24/7/365 logo as seen before.

The Fit:

IMG_0429 copy IMG_0430 copy

Unlike a lot of people I like my pants almost high waterish and tight but not too constricting in the thighs.

As you can tell from these pictures the pants are really long on me and loose in the legs all around.

The waist is good but the rest of it is not my liking. Not the manufacturers fault really, just not the way I like them.

 manto gi review

Pants Conclusion:

These pants are super light and are easy to maneuver around in. It could be because they’re a size too big, perhaps the size I think I need (A1) would be too constricting?

I’ve hot washed and full dried these all week long and they’ve shrank a little but not a lot. I’ll likely get them tailored down to a size more suitable for my liking.

Overall Conclusion:

IMO Manto has made a good gi for the price ($154.95 USD). I’ll likely order a blue one ($174.95) in A1 and do a review on it as well to see how the quality, sizing, and craftsmanship compare to a different color and size.

I am pleased with this gi and would recommend it to my training partners. I would also wear it as a competition gi if I didn’t already have one. I’ll have a follow up review in three months to see how it’s held up to my training schedule which is only about to grow even more.

**Side Note**

I let a few fellows who were 6-0 to 6’3 I believe, and 160-170 pounds try this gi on before the shrinking process and it fit them very well. Just a little side note.

Manto gi review