Manto BEZERRA Rashguard


Manto has had a great reputation for having amazing No Gi products. I had a pair of the Rising Sun shorts but sadly they fell short of expectations and tore at the leg seam after a few months of use and several fights.

Even though I’ve had poor quality before from Manto in their No Gi department, this will be an unbiased review for their “BEZERRA” rash guard.



The Manto BEZERRA rash guard has the standard Manto logo fading in between yellow and green on the chest and two smaller Manto logos on the collar bone area, and then a pretty cool image of the inner cities in Brazil wrapping from the sides of the rash guard to the back.

IMG_0407 copy

IMG_0406 copy

The entire rash guard is sublimated so it will never crack or peel. THE DESIGN IS THERE FOREVERRRRRRR.

It’s boasting a longer torso so it won’t ride up and they say it has an improved neck fit as well. A cool feature is how they also faded the stitching all around in different colors. I haven’t seen that done before and in my opinion is pretty sweet.

Rolling Performance/Conclusion:

With the longer torso it doesn’t ride up, even when in the inverted guard or doing the dreaded BERIMBOLO. The neck is cut a bit high for my liking but as soon as I start moving I don’t even notice it. I’ve been using the Bezerra twice a week for maybe a month now and it’s held up great. No little fabric balls all over the material like some rash guards have after a few uses.

The Bezerra is priced around the same price as all rash guards at $54.95 USD. I think all rash guards are overpriced but that’s neither here nor there.

If this were long sleeve it would be my go to rash guard, but that’s just a personal preference of me loving long sleeve more. (germaphobe in Jiu Jitsu, who would’ve thought?)

I would highly recommend this rash guard if you like the design. Even if you don’t like the design I would still recommend you get a Manto rash guard. They have tons of designs that would fit everyone’s taste.