Keiko Raca Vibe Shorts

Keiko Raca Vibe Shorts

Keiko Raca Vibe Shorts – Size Medium (32)

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Keiko Raca has been around for quite some time and has built a reputation for their kimonos. Their shorts don’t have a reputation for being good nor bad that I’ve come across but Keiko Raca is looking to make a name in the board short market.

Having already released quite a few fight shorts over the years, these are their first entry into the leisure board short styles. Mixing designs and comfort of something you would wear to the beach, with also something you can roll on the mats with.

Lets take a look at our Keiko Raca Vibe Short Review


Quick Review

The Keiko Raca Vibe shorts seem to be sublimated on extremely light fabric that is stretchy, feature a fixed waistband with a Velcro enclosure, and internal drawstring. There are also splits on the side to help ease movement.

When I say extremely light fabric, I mean it. The heaviest part about these shorts is the Velcro enclosure which I would say makes up for half of the weight of the shorts. The fabric stretches with your movement to help ease restriction while working out, rolling, or just general wear. The Velcro enclosure also peels up as you can see in the photos. Not exactly sure why this happened. The Velcro is strong so the peeling up doesn’t effect them coming undone.

The print is done very well and has no blurry or blotched spots anywhere I could see.

The reinforcements are mainly double stitched in tight lines where needed. Some of the material is only single stitched but not in spots that are high stress areas.

Since it is a fixed waistband, you’ll need to know your shorts size and in my opinion these are cut true to size. I wear a 32 size shorts/jeans so I got a 32 and it was a good fit. The legs are cut a little too tight in the upper thighs for me but since the material stretches it’s not that restrictive.

The only real negative thing I have to say about these shorts is I didn’t like the little orange stickers that were all over the shorts when I first received them. Around 7 or 8 of them strategically placed around the shorts and were a pain to remove and get all the left over residue off but that’s not Keiko’s fault though.

I’m not sure about everyday rolling because I am worried about the longevity of the shorts since they’re so light, but I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated on them. For $55 I think they’re good for working out, da beach, and your casual practitioner. Maybe not a hardcore BJJ competitor but like I said, more time will tell and I’ll make sure to keep fellow grapplers in the know.



  • Super Lightweight
  • Fixed Waistband with velcro/drawstring
  • Sublimated print
  • Good length



  • Tighter cut in the upper thigh
  • Orange stickers everywhere


Weight of shorts : 4 ½ oz


 Rolling Performance

The shorts are super light and you don’t even realize you’re wearing them. Since they’re made of a slicker material they do wick sweat well and at the same time make it hard for your partner to place their hand to help make the pass happen. They don’t really ride up either so it’s a win win!!!



I’ve owned a lot of shorts and these are some of the lightest shorts I’ve ever worn. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing. Comparing to other shorts, the quality seems on par with any other sublimated short on the market. I’ve had a few pairs of sublimated shorts and all of the stitching has the same quality and style on them.


Where to buy

Various online retailers have these shorts, depending on where you are though is always a factor. In the US the best place would be Keiko Sports USA  but outside of the US not a lot of retailers have these shorts.





Website/Store (USA)


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