Keiko Raca – Limited A2 – Pre-Tailored


Now I realize there has already been a few reviews on the Keiko Raca Limited. Some good….and some bad. This isn’t a review on the construction or quality of the Limited, but more a review on the SIZING of the gi itself. I’ve seen a few threads on Sherdog about how they fit and which body type they are more prone to be for, tall and lanky or shorter and stocky. This is for the lanky guys. I have another guy who has an A3 that I will be writing a review for later on for the stockier fellows.  Before I get into that though, here are some shots of the gi itself out of the package.






Very simple and good quality you would expect out of such an established brand. Good stitching and nice reinforcements in the usual stress points.


 There are some people that say this gi is awesome for tall lanky people, and some say it’s better for short and stocky people. I wanted to find out first hand because I would consider myself lanky at five foot nine and 160 lbs so this gi should fit me amazingly right?


In my humble opinion it does and it does not at the same time. Half of it is baggy and the other half fits great. I would say I’m so used to all the super close competition cut gi’s that all the newer companies are coming out with that I don’t like the “traditional” cut gi’s.


Now don’t get me wrong, the body fits very well for me on this gi. I really like the size of the body from the length of the skirt to how much the chest opens and closes. I especially like the collar. It’s the pants and the sleeves that are baggy beyond my liking.



As you can see, the sleeves are a bit baggy. Would be perfect if I Ezekiel choked everyone but I’m not much of an Ezekiel guy so it’s not to my liking the sleeves being this way.

 I really couldn’t get a solid picture of the pants and how baggy they were, the pictures just wouldn’t come out that great at all no matter where I took them so for that I apologize. Here are some comparison pictures with a Moya Bluedial Gi instead just to give you a better idea of what I’m usually wearing.




As you can see with the gi that I’m used to wearing a lot, this is a big difference in how it feels.  It felt really awkward for me to have it on with it being so much bigger than my usual armor. I know what you’re going to say….”why don’t you just go a size down?”. I asked Keiko Raca AND Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear which one I should get and they both said the A2 would be the one for me for the A1 would be too short in all areas for someone of my height. Both companies answered my questions quickly and were very helpful with sizing questions I had. Great customer service.


After I tried it on, I put it down and started browsing Sherdog and I came across a thread about having a Gi tailored to your body and if it could be done. A fellow by the name of HEAVY GRAPPLER said he has had it done before so I said why not. Today (10/16/2012) I took it to a local tailor and they said it would be done no later than the 31st because they were a little backed up but probably sooner than that. These are the before pictures (obviously), and I will use the same gi for the after tailored pictures as well.


And on that note, I thank you for reading and I will continue this with part two hopefully before the 31st!!!! Happy Halloween everyone!!!!