Keiko Raca Limited – A2 – Post Tailored

Here it is, the follow up review to the Keiko Raca Limited I had tailored. The main goal was to see if you could get a gi tailored and it still be as durable as it was originally.

First lets talk about how she tailored it, she told me she could do it without cutting the jacket. Then changed her mind and said she had to cut it, to close in the jacket without dismantling the collar. I asked if she could hide it and she said yes, so I said go for it as long as she can reinforce it. She obliged and here it is.

As the pictures show you can hardly see the cut she made because of the dark navy color material. She made sure to put the armpit reinforcement back where it was originally and did a good job reinforcing it the same as before.

Unfortunately for me, the strength program I was on while this was getting tailored made my chest, back, and arms bigger and this is a bit too tight for me in the armpits now than it was when I tried it on for her to tailor. I’m 5’9 and 165 pounds and the fit is now more comfortable for someone I would say 5’8 – 6’0 but walks around 155 or below. This would be perfect for most featherweight competitors.

As for the pants she made them slimmer by creating another seam on the outside.

You can’t feel the seam while rolling in it and she took the waist slit reinforcement and sewed it back the same way it was on before

The pants fit very well. Enough room in the thighs and crotch for mobility and tight enough to where there isn’t a lot of material to grab. They come to about my ankle bone. Well done by her.

Fit of the Gi on me after being tailored…

Overall I would say this has been a great learning experience for having a gi tailored. I wish it wasn’t so tight in the armpit for this would be my go to competition gi. My loss is your gain though, I’m selling this gi for 100$ shipped anywhere in the mainland U.S. Hopefully someone can get some use out of this gi as it’s only been worn to train in twice by me.