Jordon Schultz – BJJ Under 170 Course/Unstoppable Lightweight Moves

This is the first Instructional review i’ve done so i’m going to give it my best shot. As a disclaimer I will note that I won these dvd’s in a contest. Where as I am a fan of Jordon as a competitor, this will be an unbiased review of the two DVD sets.

Jordon Wallace Schultz is a Pan Ams and World Champion Lightweight at Purple Belt and Brown Belt.  He also won the Abu Dhabi Trials in 2009 in the Purple belt category. He’s come out with a series of DVD’s lately, the “Under 170lb Grappling BJJ, Under 170 Course” two dvd set and the “Unstoppable Lightweight Moves” which is also two dvd’s as well. He has given some moves from these dvds in his emails that he sends out. If you’ve seen those then you know what to expect from this dvd.

It’s not really flashy but some of it has slow motion replays like some of the bigger budget ones. One camera focused on Jordon and his partner is what you get with this. They move to show different angles of the techniques so you can see what goes where as he’s explaining.

Technique Details: He gives great details of each move and goes over each technique a few times but doesn’t rush through them. Jordon explains each one very well, slow, and articulate on top of that. Stops to discuss what you might do wrong and also variations to the technique.

DVD Overview:
With each technique in the BJJ Under 170 he spends a good amount of time discussing each position.

Disc one is focused on going over a series of moves that  chain together to help you escape and get to a better position. My recommendation  from the first disc would be the back escape position he goes over.

The second disc of the BJJ Under 170 goes over different guards, sweeping and passing them as well. Once again each technique is explained in great detail and very articulate. Starting with the Spider Guard then moving on to an arm over guard Jordon goes though techniques that help you sweep and submit bigger opponents.

The passing portion of the second disc has even more details starting with a short “live toe” concept, the a “reset” concept where he explains how you should enter on your own terms, switching sides and tons more.

With the Unstoppable Lightweight Moves DVD you will learn quite a few of the moves that the top lightweight and under competitors are doing in all the tournaments you see on the internet. From the Leg Drag pass from the DLR to the Berimbolo to the leg drag. He even includes a very well explained 50/50 armbar.

At the end of the second disc of the Unstoppable Lightweight Movies DVD he has someone that I can’t name teach the Unstoppable Knee Cut guard pass and the variation to it as well for the final technique. Very articulate teacher as well with great details for the move. Just thought I would point that out.

Run Time: Under 170 lb Course Disc 1- 46:41
Disc 2 – 52:45

Unstoppable Lightweight Moves Disc 1 – 43:38
Disc 2 – 48:03

Conclusion of the Review

He sends out 68 free videos from this course through emails. Yes it seems like spam and some will call it that, but you’re getting some amazing stuff so why not sign up? I’ve said it all throughout this review but Jordon is a great teacher and is great at explaining. If you look at who he was taught by for the last three years and who he is learning from now you can see why he is such a good teacher. I would highly recommend signing up for this or getting a dvd from

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