Iron Lion Soap Review (Ask bar)

Iron Lion Soap Review (Ask bar)

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Iron Lion Soap Review

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This is part one of a four part series in which we will be reviewing all natural soap from Iron Lion Soap.

Iron Lion Soap is one that has risen up from nowhere (in this part of the country, I’m sure folks on the West Coast have heard of them prior to this) to sponsoring some great competitors and getting a reputation for having great soap. Having started in 2008 for a personal use, they’ll slowly branched out into producing soap for other grapplers, and finally Iron Lion Soap was formed.


What’s it like?

The ASK bar is an all natural soap that has an amazing spearmint smell to it. If you’re a fan of spearmint then you’ll definitely like this bar. The bar measures

While the ASK bar didn’t have any exfoliating properties that I encountered, the strong aroma of spearmint did open up my pores. It left the skin feeling moisturized and smooth with a slight scent to it. Not a strong and overpowering scent but a nice subtle trace of spearmint when your body is dry.

Also, while in the shower with the aroma it provides, my sinus’ were also opened up. That’s a good plus as sometimes the sinus’ are plugged up.


Did I mention that it’s all natural with no harsh chemicals?




How Long does it last?

I think with this bar I got 20 or so uses. I was expecting more out of it but it was in fact my fault that the bar went so quickly.

I’ve learned from this first bar and how to properly handle it. During the first half of the ASK’s duration I just left it in the shower and water could hit it. Due to no additives and the all natural ingredient list, this was causing it to “melt” faster than a store bought bar. I read the back of the package and it did say to leave in a dry place as to avoid the “natural melting” that may occur.

After that I started to keep it on the top of the shower door to where it would stay dry, and eventually bought a soap dish with suction cup rings that could be easily reachable but still out of the water.



The packaging that the bars come in is a very eco friendly brown cardboard like box. The Iron Lion Soap logo is stamped on as well as the soaps logo & ingredients list. It’s very different than the shrink wrap and sticker that we’ve seen on other bars that are sold.

The box opens up on both ends and folds inwards on the flaps.





Olive Oil, Water, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Palm Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil,  Shea Butter,  Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil, Spirulina Powder.




$5 a bar or six bars for $25



It seems like the BJJ Soap market is heating up with more and more competitors coming out of the wood works. I liked the all natural ASK bar from Iron Lion Soap and can’t wait to try out the rest of the package I received.

If the smell of this is as good as the others (They are, trust me on that. One even looks like a brownie, I almost ate it) and if they have the cleanliness of this one, then I can assure you that Iron Lion will receive more and more exposure as the sport grows. I can easily see this company blowing up if more people are willing to give them a shot.


The CS aspect is great as they get back to me in a timely manner and are more than willing to answer any question I have had.


The cost of the bars is the same as two other well known soap companies but slightly cheaper than another well known company, so like I’ve said with them if you’re not fond of the price just remember you’re supporting a company that puts money back into Jiu Jitsu and actually has a face for the company.

You could easily go buy from bigger corporations for a cheaper cost, but at what benefit besides cost? It doesn’t make sense to me to support someone who doesn’t support us you know?


One thing I’m not really fond of though, is how big the bars are. The thickness is about the same as any other bar but it’s the length x width that is bigger than others. They don’t fit in the travel size soap container I have. They measure 4.5″ x 5″in size.

I know the bigger size makes it last longer but I feel a container is cleaner and easier than a Ziploc bag when I travel. They do sell different sizes of travel soap containers though so this is an oversight on my part as I could just as easily go buy a bigger soap container.

***I was sent trial/travel sized bars as well that would fit said soap dispensers with a little elbow grease***


If you’re wanting to try out a different brand of bjj/mma soap, I suggest you give Iron Lion Soap a try. You can even get free shipping on 3+ bars with the discount code they were graciously awesome enough to give our readers. You can save some dough until the end of August so why not save?


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Free shipping on 3+ bars with “GR14” code.


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