Inverted Gear x RAW Kimono

Inverted Gear x RAW Kimono


Inverted Gear x RAW Kimono

To continue with our double dose of Panda this week here is our findings of the Inverted Gear x RAW Collab kimono. This isn’t a review per say, it’s more of a highlight on the Inverted Gear x Raw Kimono collaboration that went on pre-sale a while back and was finally delivered. We’ll be showing you what you missed out on if you didn’t get to purchase this kimono. Earlier this week we posted our review of the standard Kimono from Inverted Gear, you can see that here.

As you can see the black bag has different saying from Jiu Jitsu in grey screen print all over the front of it. The RAW logo, panda, and skill not force is done in the same Hawaiian Ocean Blue as the contrast to the kimono. The back has a tag with the Inverted x RAW collab logo on it that has been neatly sewn on.

Jacket Details:

  • 550 Black gram Pearl Weave Light Weight jacket
  • Hawaiian Ocean stitching/contrast
  • Ripstop lined EVA Foam Collar
  • Custom ribbon taping
  • Embroidered Logos
  • Inside screen printed lapel print




Pants Details:

  • ¬†12 oz Black ripstop pants
  • Hawaiian Ocean Stitching/contrast
  • Hawaiian Ocean Rope drawstring
  • Pearl Weave Gusset
  • 8 belt loop system
  • Mouth Piece Pocket
  • Custom ribbon taping


Jacket Overview

Inverted changed up a bit of their design for this special collaborative effort but if you’re already familiar with the Inverted Gear Kimono then you know exactly what you’re getting quality wise. Instead of having no contrast stitching all over their standard kimono they chose to have contrast stitching as well as the usual contrasts.

A well made jacket that features a thick EVA foam collar that is lined with ripstop fabric, chest and arm seam sleeves that are also covered with ristop, a taping cuff system that combines gi material, ripstop, and custom ribbon taping to create a super cuff, and gi material side split triangle reinforcements.

The Sleeve cuffs and bottom of the jacket skirt both have FOUR rows of stitching on them. That’s a lot of stitch on their to ensure maximum reinforcement.

The embroidery/stitching is also top notch on the kimono, not a thread out of place or loose stitch.

As you can see from the top picture, the inside of the jacket has the phrase “BY SKILL, NOT FORCE” screen printed which is a motto that ALL people who train in the gentle art should aspire to follow. The screen print is of great quality and is holding up nicely!! We have a few people in the gym who bought this kimono and all of their screen prints look as good as the day they received them.

Pants Overview

The pants are black ripstop material with Hawaiian Ocean blue contrast stitching and rope. Added features are a seat reinforcement, a pocket inside the pants, a pearl weave gusset, and eight belt loops to securely fasten your rope.

The knee pant cuffs are the same as the jacket, super tough and well made with four rows of stitching on them. The embroidery on the RAW logo on the pants is also done very well. The only distinguishing mark on the pants is the RAW logo on the pants on the lower left knee area.

The ripstop material is soft and flexible, unlike some pants that are rigid and hard to maneuver in.


Considering this kimono was a special collaboration between RAW x Inverted Gear limited to a certain number, if you got one then consider yourself super lucky. The price was slightly higher than the usual Inverted Gear kimono but well worth it. It has a super awesome design to it, and is a color combo you don’t get to see everyday.

Throwing in the RAW design collaborative effort and then add in the quality that you would expect from Inverted Gear and you have yourself a winner winner, chicken dinner.

If they ever decide to make this kimono again or you find someone who has one for sale and it fits you, do yourself a favor and pick it up, you will not be disappointed.