Inverted Gear Gi

Inverted Gear Gi

Inverted Gear Gi Review

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I’m sure most of you by now have seen the Inverted Gear kimono. If for some reason you haven’t seen it then I’m sure you’ve heard about it because of the amazingly awesome mascot/logo for Inverted Gear, a Panda Bear playing the inverted guard. We were sent this gi by Inverted Gear for review and were super stoked to finally see what makes the Inverted Gear panda gi so special. Everyone who I’ve talked to that owns one has said it’s amazingly awesome but couldn’t tell me why.

After receiving this kimono I can see why now.



  • Heavy duty construction
  • Light pants
  • Thick Collar
  • Superb embroidery
  • Hard to grip


  • None at the moment


Right off the bat I noticed that the bag is different than any other one out there. It has a gi material backing and has two extra slots on the back of it as well. I’m not sure what they’re for though.

Jacket Details

  • 550 gram Pearl Weave Light Weight jacket w/ black accents
  • Heavy duty Ripstop lined EVA Foam Collar
  • Enhanced reinforcements on stress points
  • Custom ribbon taping
  • Sweet embroidered Panda Logos



Pants Details

  • ¬†12oz White Rip stop pants w/ black accents
  • Pearl Weave Gusset
  • Elastic rope
  • Mouth piece/ID pocket on pants.
  • 8 point belt loop system
  • Custom ribbon taping
  • Pure awesomeness



Jacket Overview

The Inverted Gear Panda gi jacket is white and has no contrast stitching to it. It does however have black side splits and black panda logos. The embroidery is done very well and there are no blank spots to be found in the panda. The Collar is a thick EVA foam collar and is lined with ripstop fabric.

The chest and sleeve seams are also covered with ripstop fabric and goes from the sleeve cuff and wraps around the back of the collar to the other sleeve. There are only a few companies who use taping around these areas and I think it’s a good addition as long as the material isn’t scratchy, and this material isn’t.

The sleeve cuffs are folded in, then have a ripstop lining, and then a layer of custom woven panda taping with triple stitching. The cuffs feel thick and very tough/ hard to keep a hold of. I haven’t seen any other companies do this.

The side split triangle reinforcement is made of gi material and is sewn on quite well. The contrast material on the side split though has a rouge stitch that is running beside it on both sides. The bottom of the jacket is folded over material with the panda taping over it.


Pants Overview

The pants are white ripstop material with no contrast stitching. The only contrast to the gi is the black belt loops, string, and side splits. There were some loose threads but it was an easy fix with a pair of scissors.
Inverted Gear has included some features that not many brands add. Added features are a seat reinforcement to help keep from blow outs happening, a pocket inside the pants on the left front, a pearl weave gusset ( I love pearl weave gussets), and an 8 point belt loop system with the outside belt loops being 1.75 inchs wide and close to the edges of the pants to help keep the rope from going inside.

The knee pads stopped roughly 8 inches away from the bottom of the pants and started roughly 10.5 inches from the top. While they’re lengthy knee pads they almost don’t cover my knees in the crouched position. This is a problem with almost every gi company and hopefully someone will be able to fix this nuisance soon.
The cuffs on the pants also have the same extra ripstop fabric and then panda taping to make them extra tough.


Fit and Rolling Performance


The Inverted Gear Panda Gi fits me well and the pants are short which I absolutely LOVE. I hate long pants, and hate is a strong word. The jacket is of normal length as well as the arms. The sleeves reach the top of my hands at a relaxed position and are within the legal limits for length in the outstretched position. The entire gi is loose but tight if that makes sense.

Rolling in this gi couldn’t be more fun because of the nature of the gi. Of course I get lots of panda jokes while wearing it so it’s no surprise that it does lighten the mood and you have a bit more fun while rolling. It’s a bit warmer than a few gis given the 550 GSM weight of it but like i’ve said in previous reviews I prefer a 550 GSM gi to train in.


Final Conclusion

The Inverted Gear White Panda Gi is priced at $125 while the blue ones are $140. These are both below the normal prices for kimonos that are coming out right now and they are different than the ever so popular450 GSM pearl weave gi’s that are FLOODING the market. It’s a nice change to see a 550 GSM pearl weave come out and below what everyone else is charging. For the low price you’re paying you’re getting quality, comfort, and style.

Inverted Gear made an outstanding kimono to train and compete in and in my opinion if you’re in the market for a new gi then you need to check them out and snatch one up. If they’re sold out in your size then don’t worry they restock throughout the year.
Be sure to check them out on facebook and their website