Inverted Gear – A Womans Perspective


This is a write up from a fellow training partner on the Inverted Gear Panda Gi, with a womans take on it.

When I saw a picture of the Inverted Gear gi, I instantly wanted one. The panda logo had me sold, but I needed to check out the details of the gi before purchasing to make sure I could wear it in practice and for competitions.

Finding a gi that fits right has been a real challenge for me; I’m¬† I’m 5’10”, 138lb and I’m split between two sizes and have to default to the larger size because of my height. I was ecstatic as soon as I saw the sizing of the Inverted Gear gi because this was the first time I had ever seen a tall and slim option, and I knew that was what I needed. I read up on the durability and maneuverability of the material, and decided to go ahead and buy it since the reviews were all so positive.

I have absolutely loved my tall and slim fit, panda gi since the day I got it. I’ve had it for several months and it is one of my favorite gi’s. I didn’t even have to wash it in vinegar first to hold the color since Inverted Gear did it for me (they do this for all their gi’s).

The length is within guidance for competitions, the material is strong yet breathes, and it allows me to be completely flexible. I’m able to move quickly, bend, and stretch as necessary in my panda gi. I love the way the pants fit and how the drawstring stays tied. I never end up with issues of the string getting stuck in the material or causing the pants to bunch up uncomfortably.

All of the attributes I’ve listed make it great for rolling whether I’m flowing or going at competition pace. It’s a tough gi and holds up to some rigorous matches, but isn’t stiff or binding. The Inverted Gear / panda gi is great for women because of its fit, comfort, and endurance. I highly recommend that more people in BJJ join the Panda Nation.

There you have it folks, a womans take on the Inverted Gear Panda Gi.