Shoyoroll Interview with Bear Quitigua

shoyoroll interview, bear quitigua interview, interview with bear from shoyoroll, syr interview, interview with syrBringing you a shoyoroll interview with Bear Quitigua. Chances are, if you’re training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu then you know who and what Shoyoroll is. They’re one of the hottest and top brands of Jiu Jitsu gi’s out there on the market today. They’re based on the perfect combination of flash and subtlety without being too over the top or too plain. Blending solid color with contrast stitching is the niche that Bear and company have made a name for themselves along with the popular A2H and A3S sizes that more than enough of people who were in between sizes have been wanting for quite some time. Shoyoroll has been around since the summer of 2000, starting out as a company just selling iron on t-shirts and stickers out of the back of car. A grass roots movement based out of California but with roots deep on the Isle of Guam, Shoyoroll exploded onto the scene after a few trial and error batches and is one of the most popular brands out there with some of the best and loyal fans/customers. They try to stay true to it’s early roots by listening to the people who matter the most (the customer) and always coming up with new designs or subtle changes to their gi’s to stay ahead of the ever growing curve of the Jiu Jitsu gi market. Here is our shoyoroll interview with head honcho, Bear Quitigua.

Bear in the BudoVideos Studio

Vince Quitugua, one of the owners of Shoyoroll, kindly takes a moment out of his ever busy schedule to answer a few questions for The Grapplers Review.

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 First off I wanna say thanks for taking the time out to answer some questions for us boss, Hows the creative development of SYR going these days?


We are very busy with a bunch of projects in the works. We are working with some cool artists, and that is always very fun and cool for us. We are also always testing new products and developing new products every month.


How much creative input did Ryan Hall have with the prototype of the Ring that we saw so long ago in the interview?

Ryan was 1 of 2 people who had a prototype ring gi a couple years ago. He beat it up in training and gave us feedback on this release.


Who came up with the name The Ring and did Ryan pick out the quote on the jacket or was it a mutual effort?

Ryan picked out all the quotes and inspiration of the gi. We picked the name of the inspirations and themes he gave us to work with in the gi design.


What does the taping say on the cuffs of the jacket and pants? It’s very hard to read.

One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them


What about the inside of the skirt of the jacket?


 One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.


What inspired the shoyoroll logo tag on the inside of the Jacket and the Logo tag on the bottom of the collar to change?

We wanted something very clean and simple for our labels. We change tags and taping a lot in our process for gi’s. Sometimes it just depends on what the project is and the release.


What exactly is the difference between your regular pants and the new lightweight poly blend pants that come with The Ring?

Biggest difference is just different materials. Different materials react very different if your using twill, drill, canvas, poly/cotton blends, bamboo/blends/, hemp etc. So depending on what you are looking for when it comes to picking a fabric material, it can be very important. Some shrink less but are very stiff and some may flex to much and have higher shrink rates. It just depends on what you are working with IMO.

Lots of people want to know, will the Lion of Judah return to the skirt of the gi on future releases?

We do plan to do something cool and bring back the lion before the year is over. When I don’t know, but soon I’m hoping.


Out of the 12 gi’s you planned to release this year, you have roughly 3 months left. How many more do you see actually being released?

If the stars align, I see us hitting our target and also going above what we said. But that is if the stars align. If they don’t align, I see them hitting our target number of 12 or very close.

 Now that you’ve gotten the first GUMA reserve membership under your belt, what did you learn from it?

We learned a lot in this process. This was a special project that has never been done in our industry and we wanted to try something new. Our GUMA RESERVE project has allowed us to continue to make cool super limited rare batches that we love to do a lot.


What can future GUMA RESERVE members expect from the membership?


 I think the biggest thing that we will focus on if we do a GUMA RESEVE membership in 2013 is people can expect a few exclusive cool gi’s and also will be able to pre purchase our limited release before our general sale dates with a discount. There will also be some other cool things we will do but for the most part those are the bigger things we stress.


How do you feel about the people out there who have nothing but negative thoughts about Shoyoroll and your business practices (i.e. timed window releases, limited numbers, servers crashing, etc.)

People can speak their minds. This is the beauty of our country and the beauty of Internet. Good or Bad we hear most of the feedback and take all into consideration to try and get better.

 What are you looking for when sponsoring athletes? You have a lot of high profile sponsored athletes but we normally don’t see or hear a lot about people coming up that you’re sponsoring. Any men/females we should be watching out for this coming tournament season that we don’t know about? White to brown?

There are always different things we look for in athletes when sponsoring. How athletes will represent the brand, exposure to the brand, and future plans of athletes. We are always keeping our eyes open for great up and coming competitors. We have a full team but are always looking out for great up and coming blue, purple, and brown belts to be FUTURE BLACKBELT STARS.


You have a lot of high profile sponsored athletes (Leo Vieira, Jordon Wallace Schultz, Michael Liera Jr., Carlos Ferriera, etc.) but we don’t normally hear or see a lot about the people you have coming up that are sponsored. Any male/females we should be watching out for this coming tournament season?

We have a bunch of purple and brown belts we sponsor that are killers. We have a great stable of guys coming from Nova Uniao, GF Team, Alliance, CheckMat, Lloyd Irvin, Gracie Barra, and many other great schools pumping out great competitors.


Thanks for taking the time out to answer these questions boss, any last words to throw out there for everyone?

Thank you to all of our customers and supporters of the Shoyoroll Movement. Jiu-Jitsu For Life

A lot of people know that Vince is a Jiu Jitsu addict and he came out with his own half guard DVD a while back, here is a nice little clip from it.