How Supreme is your roll?

How Supreme is your roll?

We got a chance to have a Q&A with the head honcho of Roll Supreme, a company based in the UK that is rapidly growing and climbing the ladder to become a favorite among fellow practitioners of Jiu Jitsu.

Before we get started, have a look at their newest offering The Base 2. Clicky the picture to go!

Roll Supreme, base 2, the base 2 gi

Tell us a little bit about yourself Jack.

Hey, my names Jack, I’m the guy behind Roll Supreme. I’ve been training for around 3 years in the gi with a couple of years of MMA stuff before that. I train at MG Origin in Newcastle, UK. I also train at a few other local gyms.

Roll Supreme…what does that mean to you?

It means a lot to me. It kind of symbolize just that perfect training session or match where your game is on point. Everything clicks… That doesn’t seem to happen to me too often haha but it’s also where I tend to put most of my energy outside the gym.

Why did you want to start your own company?

I’ve worked as a graphic designer for years and I always had clients who were setting up their own businesses and that really appealed to me, plus it allows me to roll a lot more than when I had a regular 9 to 5.

How many people are involved in Roll Supreme?

I have friends who help out with photography or coding sometimes but apart from that its just me. I have a really good support network of friends, family and training partners who help out in a million little ways.


So it’s you who does all the designing?

Yeah but I’ve worked with artists in the past but they’ve always been special editions or side projects. I design the gis too. I took a few night classes in tailored and pattern editing.


Click me to check out The Base, original release!!!

What’s your biggest inspiration when it comes to designing products for Roll Supreme?

Aesthetically I’m really into street wear and skate/ surf culture but sometimes you just see cool stuff and it makes you want to make something. It could be anything from an awesome car to a well designed house. Inspiration can strike from anywhere.

You’ve stated “collaborations with different artists and creatives in and out of the community shape our unique aesthetic.” Who all have you collaborated with?

There has been quite a few now. We made special edition t-shirts for Jiu Jitsu style, which were really successful. Same for Dojo Outfitters. I’ve worked with a crazy talented illustrator called KillerArtWorx from Germany on some special edition t-shirt designs as well.

Currently in the pipeline I’ve got projects with 2 other UK brands. Progress and Aesthetic both of which I’m really excited about.

Also a really unique project with my training partner and local graffiti artist Aaron Sheils


Out of the collaborations you’ve done, what’s been the most fun to produce?

Probably the Jiu Jitsu Style t-shirt. It was great just seeing something I made get such great feedback from so many people.

Just three of the shirt designs you can see at

Just three of the shirt designs you can see at

Be honest, Full Spats or spats under shorts?

Under the shorts. I’m not walking around looking like stupid sexy Flanders!

stupid sexy Flanders BTW...

stupid sexy Flanders BTW…


Tell about “The Base II” gi you’ve released.

Its awesome.

Seriously. It took me ages to find a manufacture, tweak the the design and fit. Then I had to complete sampling but I’m so happy with how it turned out from the fit, construction quality, design. Really proud of that piece.

I loved the Base but the B2 is just more of a polished product in my opinion. I got such good feedback from the first one I didn’t want to change to much. There was just a few little tweaks.

With all of the kimono’s that are on the market, what sets yours apart from the others?

When I first started designing a gi I tried way to hard to be different. To re invent the wheel/ gi. I was looking into pre washing all gis to stop shrinking, offering a choice of sleeve lengths, too many sizes, crazy accessories… which would be cool but after I while I realized people like the designs on my clothing, so if I can replicate that onto a gi with a good fit that’s also well made I’d be on to a winner.

What’s your favorite food?

I love me some thai food!

How awesome was the 08/20 tournament? That building looked sick to use!!!

Yeah it was an amazing day! The venue was crazy, this huge white art gallery in a rail way arch. Me and Dan from Eat Films ran the comp and it went really well. I’m looking forward to the next one in February. We sold out a couple of weeks before the event though so now we’re talking to some even bigger and better places!

What’s up next for Roll Supreme? What can we expect and when can we expect it?

I’ve got some video projects coming up with Hywel from BJJ hacks, a few of the local BBs in the North East, advice from a nutritionist, interviews with some of the guys I sponsor, comp videos, product tests + I’m doing a lot more blog posts, all good stuff!

Apart from that we have the Base II out and up for pre-order and all the winter t-shirt designs all on

Last question, if you could be a Mexican Luchador…what would your ring name be?

El Gwardo De Pullo

Thanks to everyone who’s gotten the pre-order for the Base II, it got a really good reception, thanks for the support!


Don’t forget you can check out all the goodies that Roll Supreme has to offer by clicking the link below (non affiliate)