Grypp Styles Premier Gi Review

Grypp Styles Premier Gi Review

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Grypp Styles The Premier Gi Review
by Lloyd Cubacub!!!!

Another great review done by Lloyd for Grapplers Review!!! See his first review for the CTRL Industries Gigante kimono here!!!

Hafa Adai! Grypp Styles (whose parent company is CTRL Industries) announced its arrival onto the BJJ market with their stylish and classy debuting gi – The Premier. The kimono offers several eye catching elements to it and fits amazing. It is a limited produced gi of only 250 and priced at $160

Arizona has been making quite an impression on the BJJ and MMA scene of late. With champions and world class competitors such as Mckenzie Dern, “Tanquinho”, Ben Henderson, Jon Tuck, Kristina Barlaan, etc… currently based in the Grand Canyon State, it is not hard to imagine why.

I believe that this saturation of BJJ talent has greatly influenced the success of CTRL Industries; who has now branched off and launched Grypp Styles. Let find out if the Premier will live up the hype of its predecessor!


 First Impression:

I am a fan of CTRL Industries and their line of kimonos. I have owned four of their previous releases and have an appreciation for their style and fit. CTRL gis are often made with high quality design and superb craftsmanship. With that said, I was a bit surprised as to why CTRL would branch off with a daughter company this early into their venture; and why do so with a some what of a soft launch.

Nevertheless, I was still very excited to be one of the first few to be opening The Premier. My expectations for this kimono remained high, hoping they were similar to CTRL gis.

Jacket Details

  • 450 Gr. Pearl Weave Jacket
  • White with Turquoise contrast stitching and purple accents
  • Grypp Styles worm print trimming
  • Grypp Styles worm print inner shoulder print
  • Rip Stop EVA Foam Collar
  • Grypp Style Patches
  • Custom Grypp Styles The Primier Outer Lining


Pants Details

  • 10oz. Rip Stop Cotton
  • White with Turquoise Stitching
  • 2 Belt Loops (one with Grypp Style logo and the with Kanji characters) drawstring
  • Turquoise color ropes


Jacket Overview

The bag that the gi comes in is a shoulder sling type. One side is screen printed with the Grypps Styles logo and the reverse has the worm gray print. After thoroughly examining the jacket, I have concluded that it is well manufactured. The collar is of average thickness and is covered with ripstop cotton fabric. The stitching is well crafted and strong. I did not find any misalignment or loose threads. The turquoise colored contrast stitching really stands out and many of my teammates have given me compliments about it. The purple-turquoise trimming goes well with the contrast stitching.

The one difference I did find in comparison to CTRL gis are the width on the sleeves. Compared to the Ground Squad and The Knight, the sleeve width is approximately 1/8 of an inch bigger. To some who have not worn a CTRL gi before or don’t really like slim fitting gis, the difference might not even be noticeable. Furthermore, the sleeves are not as “wizardly” as a Keiko Raca.


Pants Overview

The ripstop pants are light but sturdy. They are the same ripstop material as the CTRL Gigante pants. One noticeable difference I encountered are the lack of belt loops. With only two loops that are approximately 3” wide provide, I experience problems getting the drawstring through them (especially at times when I am rushing to class… the lack of loops held back a bit more). The lack of belt loops also made it difficult to tighten the drawstrings as they would be if there were more.


Fit & Rolling Performance


As with it’s CTRL Industries predecessors, Grypp Styles’ The Premier is light and slim fitting. Guam usually has very hot and humid weather, so the lightness of the gi really helps. The  jacket is great. They did not get heavy or lose its shape after all the accumulated sweat put in by the rigorous training.

The ripstop are good. However, with the lack of belt loops I did find myself needing to re-tie my pants more often then usual. I also needed to double knot these ties in fear of the pants coming undone in a few minutes. I can also honestly say that because of this, I was a bit uncomfortable and it did have an effect on the way I performed in sparring.


Final Conclusion

The Premier is Grypps Style’s first venture into the BJJ gi market. With this kimono the company makes a good first impression. I love the slim fit and lightness of it. Although I can see the fit being model after CTRL Industries kimonos, I did noticed minor changes that were made. One can be argued that this is Grypp Styles‘ way of distinguishing itself apart from it’s parent company.

For those who love CTRL gis, Grypp Styles‘ The Premier does not disappoint. With a $160 price tag, the gi makes a great investment.

Be sure to check them out on FACEBOOK and their WEBSITE