Ground Fighter Ipanema Beach Tank Top

Ground Fighter Ipanema Beach Tank Top

Ground Fighter Ipanema Beach Tank Top

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Ground Fighter is a smaller company who have been putting out some pretty cool BJJ tees inspired by the art we all love. A man and wife operation that darts across the country setting up their booths at tournaments while designing and releasing some good looking products as well. It can’t be easy, but they manage it well. They also have a line of rash guards and shorts that I continually see being used at quite a few tournaments across country.

As you can see, the men and women’s tees have a slightly different base color and is only noticeable if you’re paying close attention. Not a big deal honestly but I did want to point that out.

The screen printing of the Ground Fighter logo is flawless and if you look at the last picture, even has a slight sparkle to it up close. All lines are very clean and straight, the font that they use for their name flows extremely well with the rest of the picture. If you’re not familiar with Ipanema Beach, a quick Google image search will show the site in Rio that the silhouette image originated from.

The Next Level blanks that Ground Fighter uses are known for being quality shirts that can take a beating. The tags are easy tear away ones so you don’t rip your shirt trying to remove them if they’re irritating. Of course I usually remove tags from shirts so these were no exception. Came off quite nice and no tearing of the shirt lol.

With the women’s cut you can tell a noticeable difference in the construction from the mens. The mans cut is more “beefy” in the strap region while the women’s cuts in around the neck all the way to the back and has a more feminine look to it.

The entire neck, arm lines, and bottom hem of the ladies shirt have a cross stitch design that is normally used in the ladies cuts to keep them from unraveling.

The mens tank has a cloth “taping” around the neck and arm hole areas that is tightly stitched. The bottom of the shirt is double stitched.


IMO, I think the design is cool and isn’t over the top. Just a gentle nod to the art but does peak some interest in the name. You might get a question or two about “what’s a ground fighter?” but generally people just walk by, give a head nod, and keep a cruising. The price is fair for the product and you can support a smaller company by purchasing. Win? I think so. Kudos Ground Fighter…kudos.

Be sure to check them out as they do have more and more products coming out soon and they also do random giveaways on their social media outlets (you can see those below). Until then, check them out at

Where to buy is the main place, but you can catch them at tournaments across the country setting their booth up selling BJJ tees.


$25 for either the men or women’s cut and the price is on par with most companies who are releasing tank tops at this time.






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