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Grappler Athletics

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You can purchase all of their new designs and more HERE

Grappler Athletics is a BJJ apparel brand based out of Sydney, Australia and to get to know a little bit more about them we did an interview with David White (the owner) that you can read about HERE…

Lets get started on a little bit of what they have to offer…




First Impressions

I loved the eggshell bag the patch came in and the black zip lock bags with the stickers on the front that the shirts came in. It’s a nice touch and adds a bit of class to the product.



  • Woven Design
  • Open back


  • Screen printed
  • Athletic fit




I like the designs that each shirt brings from Grappler Athletics. The League of Extraordinary Grapplers and then the Choose your Grappler shirt.  Completely different images but both are incredibly likeable.

With the Leagues shirt, the typography is on point and tasteful with both the front and the back of the shirt. It did have some screen ink on the inside of the shirt but it washed out after a couple of cycles through the machine. David checked a few more shirts and no other shirt he checked had that, it just seems as if I had gotten one with it. Go figure right?

The choose your grappler shirt is such a cute shirt and different from the normal designs we see on BJJ gear. Very unique and sports several different types of grapplers and they have even more that aren’t on the shirt itself. Grapplers Athletics and Page 29 Design did a great job on this.


The patch has the same design as the L.o.E.G. shirt, the three mustached shadow figures. I really love the style that they’re using for this concept. Honestly, it’s hard not to like this design.

The only drawback in my opinion with this patch is the back isn’t sealed, so when I pulled it off one of my gi’s to put it on another one you could see the back was starting to fray out. As long as it’s sewn on though I don’t think it would be a problem. Constant change though from gi to gi could pose a problem though.

David had this to say…

I will add it onto all future patches if possible. I source my patches from the USA (they are 100% made there) and are of the same quality as other well known companies.

Fit of Shirt

Both shirts are more of an athletic fit in my opinion. I got them in large and they both shrank up quite nicely to form against my body. No excess bagginess, but not so tight that it looked like I purchased the shirt from the baby gap store.

It’s a very good fit and I’m glad I went with large.


Final Conclusions

Grappler Athletics is a great starting brand that offers some different designs than what we’re used to seeing. They’re in the process of getting a US Distributor to help ease the cost of shipping to their stateside customers as well.

Shipping prices just went down again!!! We’re working to get them as low as possible until our US Distributor is available – David White

G.A. is, in my opinion, worth the money you’ll spend on their products but if you’re not wanting to fork out the dough for the shipping then just wait a spell and they’ll be US bound real soon. (see above note on shipping prices!!!!)

 You can purchase all of their new designs and more HERE


  •  Perhaps get a heat seal backing for the patch


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