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Gi Soap

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How many times do you get done with class and feel super gross? Other peoples sweat all over you coupled with your own sweat leaves for a pretty slimey feeling.
That’s where Gi Soap comes in. I was looking for a soap that would help me fight against skin infections and came across these guys.

Here’s some info about the company pulled from their page

We created this company to help stop people from putting the stuff on their skin that is falsely called “natural.” If you don’t have to put chemicals on your skin, then why do it?

We at Gi Soap are bringing you the best ingredients to clean, protect and refresh your skin, the natural way. We do not use any chemicals in our products and everything is both Vegan and Eco friendly. We want to keep you training, competing and playing harder by keeping your skin infection free, the natural way.

Our products, with our custom ingredients, have been proven to keep Ring Worm, Staph Infections, Impetigo and other athletic fungi off of your skin to keep you healthy and in action. GI Soap will also help your acne, dandruff and of course dry skin. Don’t just take our word for it, try it and see for yourself. You’ll never hit the showers again without a bar of GI Soap!

They do list their ingredients on the package and on their website in case you were wondering what it was made from. Their product is an all natural plant based soap and doesn’t foam or bubble. I was browsing through another top soaps website and didn’t see any actual ingredients or what consisted of their “special formulas”. Suspect? A little, but lets go on about the soap.

Dat Smell

I tried out the bar AND the body wash and both had a Tea Tree fragrance and where as the bar smelled amazing, the body wash didn’t have the same strength of smell as the bar. Not necessarily a bad thing but if you’re into the smell of the bar you’ll be disappointed at the lack of it in the bottle.

Hows it treat the skin?

My skin is dry as a lizards ass. Especially my back. I haven’t found a soap that I could use where I didn’t need to have lotion as well. And given the fact that I train two or three times a day I do have to take several showers. I don’t like the sweaty, slimey feeling after training so three showers in a day isn’t anything out of the ordinary for me. To be honest I’m kind of a germaphobe.

Crazy right? Considering the art I love to pursue is not exactly an art for a germaphobe.

The Gi Soap, bar and bottle, leaves my skin feeling great and full of moisture and keeps it feeling good throughout the day. No lotion needed here and no more lizard ass!!

Does it help if you already have ringworm or other combat athlete related fungus?

Coincidentally, the first week I had the soap I got the dreaded ringworm. Great timing, right? This was my first case of ringworm in the many years I’ve been training so I can’t tell you if it sped up the process of getting rid of it but I did notice it was declining rapidly shower after shower. And before you ask, no I didn’t train with the worm.

How long will it last? Is it worth the price?

I would use the body wash at the gym, and the bar of soap at the house. One shower a day five days a week at the gym, and two showers a day at the house seven days a week and the bar lasted three weeks while I’m still using the body wash at the gym.

Not too shabby at all really. Most people would only use it once a day so they’ll get a long life out of their bar of soap or body wash.

In my opinion, it’s definitely worth the $5 a bar or $9 a bottle for the kind of protection from various skin diseases, fungi, and the lizard ass mentioned above. Also I would like to note that the more quantity you purchase, the more the price goes down which is a pretty sweet deal and helps offset the cost of the soap. In addition they also have coupons you can use to save even more!!!

Customer Service

Marcel the owner, has been super awesome in answering all questions related to the product and when/how to purchase it. Anything I shot his way he was honest and upfront in a timely manner including what was in the soap. That’s hard to do when you’re basically a one man show running a company and still training.

Customer service is an important feature when purchasing from a company and Gi Soap definitely has great customer service. I highly recommend them to anyone thinking about getting a soap like this.

I wanna end this by saying that protection for your skin is crucial in the sports we engage in. Whether it’s wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, whatever it is of utmost importance to maintain your health be it internal or external. Gi Soap is there to help you stay clean and your skin disease free. I for one will continue to use the product as long as Marcel is making it.

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