Ganbatte The Tengu – Video and Written

Ganbatte The Tengu – Video and Written

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Ganbatte The Tengu (A1)

We are proud to introduce you the Ganbatte Tengu gi, presented by Sugoi Submissions. (Sugoi Submissions is the parent company of Ganbatte.)

Ganbatte is a new company who is hoping to break into the gi market, and with the Tengu being their first offering I can see them doing well as long as they stay consistent.

Now with our new format we have a video and a written review. You can enjoy the video below, followed by the quick review and longer review after that.




Jacket Details

  • 550 gsm pearl weave top
  • Navy with silver stitching/contrast
  • Embroidered logos
  • Woven taping and tags

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Pants Details

  • 10 oz bull denim cotton
  • Navy with silver stitching
  • Embroidered logos
  • Woven taping

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Quick Review

So we’ve had this gi for a month now. I can honestly say that I am thoroughly pleased with this gi. Even though it’s heavier in weight, it breathes quite well. The navy hasn’t faded that much either. I’ve owned a few navy gi’s in my day and they’ve all faded quickly. This one is holding it’s color waaaaaayyyy better than other gi’s that I’ve owned. The gi was a little longer than I liked so it has been in the dryer a couple of times as well. I haven’t really gotten it to shrink that much and it fits like an A1L.

The embroidery was done great, even the logos that have single or double stitch lines with no fill (see pictures) have a fabric backing to ensure they don’t come undone.

The only downside besides the cost in my opinion, is the low cut waist of the pants. It could be that my ass is big, but I haven’t had that problem with other gi pants so I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s the lower than normal waist line. I’m not fond of low waist gi pants, I like to pass low so my ass is in danger of showing every time I crouch down. And don’t even get me started on the berimbolo battle. Remember Jordon Schultz from the Jiu Jitsu Battle hosted by Want vs Need?

I have learned to move in the pants over the course of this month we’ve had the gi, so now I don’t even notice it. If you’re a more slender person, I’m willing to bet that this gi would fit you amazingly well. (Basically if you don’t have a larger backside)

Now let’s talk about the cost. I want to say that they gave us a fantastic discount code to our readers so you can save some cash on the gi’s. Before any discount code is applied it’s $195 shipped in the US. It costs them $14 to ship a gi (we’ve given them slightly cheaper shipping options) so technically you’re paying $181 before shipping. Now the price is about the same as a premium gi but the quality on this gi surpasses them in my opinion. All stitching is spot on, the embroidery is great and like I said earlier, the color isn’t fading like others.

If you have the extra cash to spend on this gi, get it. If for some reason the gi doesn’t live up to it’s quality standards, here is their return policy for you to look at.

It’s hard pressed for me to take a chance on a new company and spend $195 on a gi, but had I bought this gi for that much I would be happy as it’s built like a tank and has top craftsmanship.

By the way, here is a discount code you can use to save some serious cash on this gi. Use code Grapplers Review at checkout for a hefty discount. Anyone who uses this code will get ANOTHER code for an even bigger discount on their second offering that will hit the shelves soon. Also, this discount code will be valid for a while so if you can’t grab it right away then there’s no fretting!!!! Save on grapplers!!!

They are also having a great bundle on their gi’s.

$297 w/free shipping with the code Grapplers Review upon checkout while supplies last.

If you look at their website, they also have a gi care portion so you can make sure your Tengu gi lasts a while. Check out the instructions HERE


  • Built to last
  • Holds color well, hasn’t faded like other navy gi’s
  • Simple yet good design


  • Low cut waistline
  • Price is a little steep (but they gave us a fantastic discount code!)

Where to buy


$195 w/free shipping

$175.50 w/free shipping with the code Grapplers Review upon checkout







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- Design
- Durability
- Fit
- Price
- Quality

User Rating: 5.00 stars (2 votes).

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