Gameness XT Review – A1

Gameness XT review – A1

First I would like to say that before purchasing this gi, Gameness was thinking about sponsoring our team. After purchasing it they did decide to follow through with the sponsorship.

I will treat this review as an unbiased one since it was my intention to review it. Even though I always provide reviews that hold nothing back I will no longer review Gameness gi’s until the sponsorship has ended for our team.

Gameness XT


With guys like Caio Terra and Kayron Gracie sporting this gi and other Gameness gi’s, I found myself thinking “I wonder how good this gi actually is?”

I asked Caio Terra why he switched from Shoyoroll to Dom to Gameness and he replied with “personal preference :)”. Perhaps this gi is more suited for competition?

Lets find out…shall we?

Here is the description from the Gameness website;

The XT has eXtra Tough features that will make this Gi last well beyond your next belt promotion. Reinforced stitching including the elbows, a thick rubber collar, 10 Loop MaxDraw ® draw string system, Gameness Platinum 100% Cotton pants and the famous 550 gram Pearl Weave will keep you rolling.

A great looking Gi, the XT features blue contrast stitching, embroidery and a newly designed chest patch.

The XT has been tested at the highest level. Kayron Gracie competed in a prototype of the XT at Pan Ams in 2012, result….Gold. What can you accomplish in your Gameness XT GI?

Clever marketing throwing Kayron Gracies name out there like that but there are a few things they aren’t telling you in the description.

IMG_0139 copy

First Impressions

When first pulling this gi out of the package I was pretty impressed. Tried the jacket on and it was a little long in the sleeves but knew it would shrink with the first wash given prior experiences with Gameness gi’s. When I pulled the pants out though I immediately noticed two major flaws.

The first thing I noticed about the pants were how heavy they were. Way heavier than most pants I’m used to.

The second thing was how ridiculously thick and stiff they were. Now I know that a lot of pants are stiff at first but these were so stiff they resembled jeans. And after the first wash they were even more stiff. I could literally almost stand them up by themselves. It’s been a week or so now and they’ve been washed around 6 times and they’ve barely gotten softer. Not exactly the best pants for competition.

I had to weigh myself to find out how much the gi weighed and it came in at a whopping 4.8 pounds for an A2. 4.8 pounds people…


If there is a blank spot, there was no change in size

If there is a blank spot, there was no change in size

As you can tell from the pre wash/post wash picture, there was a noticeable shrinkage from the past week of washing. Hopefully it doesn’t shrink anymore. This was cold wash, hang dry by the way.

Pre wash photos are as follows, I’m 5’9 165 pounds at the time of picture.

As you can see it is already a good fitting gi, with the shrinkage from the wash though it is now an even better fitting gi per my standards. Post wash photos will be coming shortly



The jacket is constructed very well. Good reinforcements, heavy collar and at 550 GSM weight it should definitely withstand a lot of training (hopefully).Like in the description above it has blue contrast stitching. No back seam or patches on the back of the top.

It has elbow pads built in that are made from what seems to be pearl weave material. As great as an idea this is, the pads actually go below my elbow and are purely aesthetic and not fuctional. And with the contrast stitching on the outside of the gi it makes it seem a little funny.


There is Gameness taping running along the outer skirt and inside the sleeve and pant cuffs. To the right you’ll see the bottom of the inside of the jacket skirt, reinforced with regular pant material. Both the right sleeve and the back of the left pant leg boast the Pitbull logo. The left sleeve and the front of the right pant leg have the XT logo as seen to the right


The collar of the XT has a positive and a flaw at the same time. The collar is super thick and great for grip breaking. The only flaw with it is the exact same flaw as every other contrast stitching featured gi. The stitching is crooked in some places. No biggie but you would think they would’ve fixed this by now.

Jacket Overview

I really like the jacket. It’s well made with great reinforcements. I’m not a huge fan of the pitbull on the sleeve but it’s not a huge turn off. The skirt is a bit short for my liking, it does come out very easily while rolling. It may bother some but for me the skirt is going to come out anyways. I would give the jacket an 8/10


As stated before the pants do have some flaws to them. Heavy and stiff, not a lot of give to them while rolling and do hinder movement  due to their rough material. Although the pants do have some flaws, they also do have some positive characters as well.

Reinforcements are great on these pants. And the stitching is very straight which for the most part is not normal.

They have a 10 loop system that is low enough it doesn’t ride on your hips and leaves your pants in place.
Comes with a flat drawstring though which is a tad hard to untie when sweaty.

Has the same taping as stated above in the jacket section. Embroidered pit bull on the back of the pant leg is very well stitched. If the pants weren’t so heavy and stiff, they would probably make a great pair of pants.

The fit on the pants is decent, not too tight but not loose either with a nice length for me since I do like my pants a bit higher. I had to order some Gameness rip stop pants so I can make weight for IBJJF tournaments though.

Gameness XT Conclusion

A lot of my teammates have Gameness gis, and they’re all holding up pretty nicely. I expect this one to be no exception although I do think the jacket will continue to shrink and will no longer be able to wear in a few months when I write the next review for it.

At this moment though, I am happy with the jacket but not so much the pants. I’ll continue to wear them though and put them through the ringer to test durability to make sure no pinholes or weak fabric show up.

I’ve spoken with the people from Gameness before after they bought the company from the original owners, and they are great people. They both have excellent people skills and have gone above their expectations as new owners to help out my previous instructor who had a problem with his Elite gi. I would assume they would do the same for anyone who had a problem with their product.

Until next time, viddy well..

gameness xt review