Gambaru Fightwear Head Hunter Rash Guard

Gambaru Fightwear Head Hunter Rash Guard

Gambaru Fightwear Head Hunter Rash Guard


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Quick Review

Gambaru Fightwear is a relatively new company and the Head Hunter Rash Guard is their first offering into the equipment world of Jiu Jitsu. Teaming up with one of our favorite companies Patches O’Toole, they’ve released this monstrous (and we mean that literally) design for grappler’s to marvel in.

Via the G.F.W. website –

There is always one person at the gym who no matter what you do will end up taking your neck. If you don’t know anyone who does this then it’s probably you!

In homage to this neck crank nemesis we have created the Headhunter rash guard in collaboration with the super talented Patches O’Toole. Featuring the Headhunter face to the front with Gambaru branding, full Headhunter to the back and a bad ass snake on each sleeve that graduates into a black belt (disclaimer..this will not automatically turn you into a black belt)

Made using only the finest materials this rash guard will easily improve your guillotine by approximately 900% (this percentage is an approximation, no guarantees can be given on actual increase (if any))


Let’s be real, that’s a pretty bad ass description. I’m a neck hunter, sometimes a crank is involved though lol.


For a first offering as a new company the rash guard itself is awesome in our opinion. Throw in the fact that they teamed up with Patches O’Toole on the design, it gives it even more of an awesome factor.


The design is solid, the sublimated printing is possibly the best we’ve seen, and the construction of the rash guard is TOP NOTCH. We’ve been washing/drying the rash guard (even when we don’t roll in it, just for longevity purposes) and the pictures above is how it looks even after all the washes/drys.


All of the stitching is still in tact, no fuzziness to them or broken stitches. Each panel is showing no signs of wear or stress to them. The neck is a little wavy but then again I got a big head so it’s like putting a square peg into a round hole, not really their fault lol. The sublimated tag on the inside of the neck is pretty funny as well.


Check them out on the links that are below, (all their feeds) and pick one up as they’re on sale RIGHT NOW (it’s August 4th here, probably a day or so left)


In case you’ve missed it, we also have a video review of the this rash guard that you can view on our YouTube channel when it is finished processing HERE



  • Great quality
  • 6 layer panel works well
  • Breathes well


  • Smaller sizing due to EU charts
  • Maybe the neck could have better elasticity

The first isn’t necessarily a con, just a fact as the overseas sizing is slightly smaller than the US



If you hurry, you can snag this rash guard for £29.99 on their website, along with some other awesome items for a lesser price.
Usually it’s ¬£34.99 though so take advantage of the savings while you can.


Where to buy

The Gambaru Fightwear website is the only place you can purchase this rash guard. See below.






The design was sublimated so well that one would think it was painted on. It really is crazy how well they did with the printing of the rash guard, especially since it’s on the Six panel design of a rashie.

The snakes turning into a black belt is a fantastic idea and I really can’t say enough how beautifully executed the entire design of the rash guard is. The attention to detail in the artwork is ridiculous. I could go on but as you can see it’s freaking magnificent.

Every seam is flat lock stitched and is super tight.


Fit & Rolling Performance

The six panel design supposedly helps the rash guard move with your body while rolling. We found this to be true and if memory serves correctly, this is the first six panel rash guard we’ve had. The bottom stayed down and didn’t ride up, and the rolls were cool and not overly hot.

It was a little tight on me at 5’9 and 175 but the guy in the video is 6’1 and 175 and you can see it fits him well.



I personally love the design of this rash guard (Kudos to GFW & P.O.T) Some will say it’s a bit loud and brash, but I found it to be executed well. As a first offering from a growing company, they didn’t cut any corners and definitely came out of the gate strong. I’m excited to see what else they come up with.


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