Forty Thieves Hellfighter 2.0

Forty Thieves Hellfighter 2.0

Forty Thieves Hellfighter 2.0 Gi Review

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I’m super late on this review due to work, school, getting side tracked and not hitting publish, etc but here it is none the less, The forty thieves hellfighter 2.0 gi review.

The Forty Thieves Hellfighter 2.0 gi is sold at

Jacket Details

  • 450 Lightweight Navy pearl weave
  • One piece back with no seam
  • Embroidered logos
  • Comes with a free 10″ patch with your choice of name on it


Pants details

  • 1o oz ripstop navy pants
  • woven patches
  • Reinforced knees
  • 6 belt loops


Quick Review

I bought this gi when it first came out well over a year ago and I’ve been beating the hell out of it ever since with machine washes and machine dries. It’s held up fairly well since then with only some color fading and a slight tear in the collar where it’s bending at a usual spot by the top. This seems to be the main spot a collar will fray when it comes to BJJ or Judo gis and you would think by now someone would have noticed that and tried to somehow upgrade it but not yet.

When rolling the gi is long enough in the jacket it doesn’t come un-tucked a ridiculous amount of times but short enough it can’t really be used against you; while the collar is slick enough that it’s easy to break grips. When it gets logged with sweat it does get harder to break grips on the sleeves and collar but that’s most gis to be fair.



  • Lightweight
  • Dries fast
  • Good color combination
  • Low price


  • It’s limited

Weight of Kimono

4 lbs










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