Forty Thieves Clothing Cole Miller Shorts

Forty Thieves Clothing Cole Miller Shorts

Forty Thieves Clothing Cole Miller Signature Shorts (Size 32)

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Forty Thieves Clothing has been around for a little bit of time now and has primarily been a no gi short company, but has dabbled a bit in releasing kimonos. Their most notable sponsored athletes include Cole Miller, Liz Carmouche, Vitor Oliviera, and Jason Scully.

Quick Review

The Forty Thieves Cole Miller shorts are MADE IN THE USA right there in California.

The shorts are light, but with a heavier material if that makes sense to you. I’m not gonna lie, I love the polka dot material.The navy blue contrasted trim/gusset really sets off and mixes well with the light blue & polka dot design.

The quality of the shorts is fantastic. Triple or double stitched at every seam and with a stretch gusset material in the crotch. The Velcro waist band is strong and the little tab on the edge helps pull them apart easily. On the reverse side of the waistband, the loop for the drawstring to go into is a fantastic idea.

The pocket on the back of the shorts is Velcro sealed with the same strong Velcro as the waistband.

I’m a little bummed at the length of the shorts but what can you do ya know?

Customer Service

*** I ordered two pairs of these, one for me and one for my wife. After washing them both, one of the strings blew out and a patch started fraying on one pair. I quickly contacted Forty Thieves and showed them the pictures and described what happened.

Binh offered to send me another pair of shorts at no cost and also said that he would personally see to it that the other shorts were better stitched on the patch as it was a stitching problem.

The original second pair of shorts I ordered has no problems what so ever ***

Even with the issue of the string exploding, I’m still happy with these shorts. The quality on the second pair is phenomenal and it looks as if I just got a bad string on the one. I understand things happen and for Binh to offer to send me a whole new pair of shorts, not just a string, goes to show you how much Forty Thieves cares to make sure their customers are happy.

It’s that kind of service from a company that makes people come back for more.

They offer more than just polka dot shorts, and have some pretty snazzy designs. Follow the links on the bottom of the page to browse around and see if they have something that matches your style.



  • Made in the USA
  • The polka dots (design)
  • Short construction is great



  • Short length
  • String blew out


Weight of Shorts – Not even a pound



Length – 16 inches



These shorts aren’t like any others I’ve come across, design or length wise. For the material itself, I had a no name brand when I first started training many moons ago that were F’n tanks. This is the same material so I have no doubts that these shorts will last a long time.


Where to buy

Forty Thieves website is the only place to buy them and they are limited edition so get them while you can before they sell out!





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