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Flow Kimonos Review I recently had the opportunity to review an up and coming brand by the name of Flow Kimonos newest offering to the Gi world, their Pro Series.  I had seen the name from the BJJ Gi Market before and wanted to check them out. They didn’t have anything in stock when I contacted them but they said in a few months they should have their new model coming.

Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to Pakistan’s manufacturing times.

Fast forward a few months later and I have in my possession the black Flow Kimonos Pro Series to review.

flow kimonos

Information about the Pro Series from Flow Kimonos:

Where they don’t give a detailed description like a lot of companies do, they are boasting that this is one of the most comfortable gis you’ll ever put on. (that’s a pretty tall order to fill, will it hold up to that statement?)

400gsm honeycomb weave top

10oz twill cotton pants

For my size in A2 they’re saying it weighs only 3lbs and 2 oz.

The price is $144.99 for the black one, and $134.99 for the white one.

“Our gis are built to cater to the demands of jiu-jitsu competitors.

At weigh-ins: Lightweight, which means less weight for you to cut.

During the match: Heavily reinforced, prevents tearing during your match. Tailored fit, gives less for your opponent to grab. Nine sizes, ensures that you will find a gi that fits you perfectly.

Off the mat: Quick drying and antimicrobial properties prevent funky smells.

We strive to offer products in environmentally friendly fabrics such a hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, and conventional cotton.  We also believe in minimalistic packaging as to not produce needless waste.

In order to bring the freshest designs to you and build our community at the same time, we will feature designs the artists from within the jiu-jitsu community.

Our primary goal is to participate and donate in any charity events that we believe in. Be it donating to gis to children who are in need or any other nonprofit, you will see Flow Kimonos be the first to contribute!” – Flow Kimonos

First Impressions:

When I opened the box and then the bag that was holding the gi I didn’t notice any funky smells like I have been noticing a lot with the gi’s I’ve been receiving lately.

Super sleek design with the black material and yellow logos on the sleeves. A nice grey contrast stitching to accent the color of the gi makes it pretty snazzy without being too loud.

This gi is amazingly soft and ridiculously light. Like you read in the description above it’s a 400 GSM jacket with 10oz pants. That’s pretty freakin’ light.


IMG_1469 copy


IMG_1455 copy IMG_1480 copy   IMG_1483 copy IMG_1478 copy IMG_1477 copy IMG_1475 copy IMG_1474 copy IMG_1473 copy IMG_1472 copy IMG_1471 copy

Like I stated before, it’s a nice black jacket with a honey comb weave and Grey contrast stitching




Their tag on the inside of the jacket is a satin feeling type of material, not scratchy and is stitched on well enough that it isn’t peeling up.



The company logo is Yellow and Grey and is embroidered fairly well although the letters have a connecting thread that is pretty visible.


The outside of the collar has pretty straight stitching, it’s a slick collar of slightly above normal thickness. Grip breaking isn’t hard but it’s not easy either.

The inside of the collar though did have one janky stitch. Purely aesthetic but still, it does need to be included that the stitching isn’t that straight on the inside.

A better view of the one janky stitch line.


The armpit reinforcement is good on one side but on the other it wasn’t folded/stitched properly leading into the reinforcement.

Not sure how it’s going to hold up over time. We’ll see though.



The inside of the cuff is reinforced with a canvas taping and is triple stitched.
Two grey stitches and a black stitch.





The outside of the sleeve cuff is double stitched.






The side slit has a grey contrast cover and the standard square reinforcement




The Flow kimonos lapel patch is sewn on quite nice and as you can see the skirt has a double stitch but no reinforcement.



The bottom of the left side of the lapel has the Flow Kimonos Pro Series logos embroidered on it.





As you can see the embroidery on some of the letters is a little sketchy.




Jacket Conclusions

 When looking over this jacket, with the exception of the armpit reinforcement mishap, the two things that were not up to par were purely aesthetic.

The Flow Kimono Pro Series jacket did have some visual problems, but as with most gi’s there is always something aesthetically not sound.

The jacket is great structurally, as I have had multiple sizes of partners try pull ups over a bar with this gi to see if the sleeves would stretch out or hear any kind of stitching pop and there was no tearing that I could hear.

I want to say that I’m not trying to make up for the fact that there were a few cosmetic issues with the gi. With the prices of gi’s the way they are you should be getting a dang near perfect gi for your hard earned money but the owner has assured me that if someone has any problems with the way their gi is he wants you to be happy and would more than willing to exchange it for a new one.


IMG_1456 copy IMG_1457 copy IMG_1458 copy IMG_1466 copy IMG_1462 copy IMG_1461 copy IMG_1465 copy IMG_1464 copy IMG_1463 copy IMG_1459 copy IMG_1460 copy


The pants are 10 oz black twill cotton with grey stitching and grey belt loops, round stretchy rope drawstring, and side slits.



There are 6 belt loops, placed pretty close together and just enough to tie and knot your pants in between the middle.

No ride up with the rope



There are grey, yellow, and white colored Pro Series patches on both of the outside thighs .




The same grey F.K. logo tag is on the inside of the pants only this one was stitched on a wee bit crooked



The knee pads for the pants are a thin layer of twill cotton and go from just above the top of the gusset to about 6 inches above the bottom of the pants






Outside of the knee pads





One of the knee pads was slightly bunched up in stitching and material





I find this with almost every pair of pants, the string is always bunched up by the gusset.
Normal I suppose?


I checked my other pants and the inside seams of their stitching is intertwined where as this one is just straight.  Unique feature



Same flow kimonos PRO SERIES embroidery as the jacket, only better quality of stitching on it.




The leg cuff has the excess fabric folded up and double stitched.



Pants Conclusion

They’re super light pants…. like so light I forget that I’m actually wearing pants.

While I don’t like the lack of knee pads, the pants themselves seem pretty sturdy. I didn’t do any pull up tests like I did with the jacket (that would be silly) but I did have some big ole’ boys a tuggin on em.

Fit of gi

 The fit of this gi isn’t quite fitted but not loose either. It’s a nice in between. It had a nice length right out of the bag and I didn’t need to shrink it at all.

The jacket is a little loose but nothing too extreme. Did I mention how soft this gi is?

Snuggles soft…..as a babies blanket

The sleeves of the jacket give you ample room to move and aren’t restricting like some gi’s that have a tapered fit. Nice and roomy.

The chest of the gi also give you plenty of room and folds over nicely to the other side.

At first the pants were riding high in the butt area but after a few washes it didn’t feel like that any more. Not quite sure how it works out like that but it did. The pants length was perfect for my liking as they were just about the ankle bone at first and after a few washes went right above the ankle bone.

It had a normal shrinkage rate of no more than an inch in the sleeves or pants length after all the washes and hang dries it had so I didn’t bother with the post wash shrinkage measurements. If you would like the exact measurements I would be more than willing to provide them.

flow kimonos review

Pictures coming soon.

Rolling Performance

The jacket was pretty solid when rolling and was ridiculously soft….like the snuggles bear from the fabric softener commercial. That bears name is snuggles for a reason. Normally with a gi this light the sleeves stretch all to hell and back then your hands get stuck in there like a little boy trying on his daddies Sunday suit. But alas my fellow grapplers, I did not have this problem with this gi.

The jacket after washing also did in fact dry super quick. I washed it at 10 pm and it was dry by 8 am the next morning. What gi does that?

The pants are my problem with this gi, where the jacket sleeves didn’t stretch out the pants did quite a bit actually. And because of all the stretchy goodness the rope didn’t stay tied very well and I was constantly trying to keep my pants up.

Speaking of the rope, here is what happened after a week and half maybe two weeks of use. . . .

Photo Apr 09, 11 19 51 AMThe top after the knot has started unraveling. That’s good that it was after the knot but not good at the same time if you catch muh drift.

I want to add on to the review as Flow Kimonos said that this was a smaller test batch and the said issues like pants stretching and rope issues will be fixed with the next shipment that comes in at the end of May.

If anyone has problems like this they are more than willing to exchange your gi for a new one.

Final Conclusions

Once again I’m not trying to make up for the fact that this gi does in fact have some problems. Newer companies are going to have some growing pains and learn from each and every batch they put out. That’s why they use reviewers and feedback from customers as well.

The review that BJJ Legends (<–click to go) did on their Hemp Prototype was a fairly positive review and they reviewed theirs for 3 months before they put it out. Maybe I got a sub par gi, who knows? I can tell you that Flow Kimonos is a newer company who loves Jiu Jitsu and will go out of their way to make sure their customers are happy.

Would I recommend this gi?

I will let you know in 3 months after I put this gi through more and more training to see what it can take. I’ll pass it off to a new training partner in a few weeks as well so I can see how it feels rolling on the other side of it.

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