Flow Kimonos Follow Up

Flow Kimonos Follow Up

It’s been four months since we last reviewed the Flow Kimonos Pro Series gi. Lets take a look at how its been holding up since it’s been passed around the gym.



The jacket is holding up fairly well and it hasn’t shrank but maybe half an inch with all the washing and line drying it’s gone through this summer. The one spot in the armpit I was worried about hasn’t came undone anymore than it originally came. It hasn’t lost a lot of it’s color either like most black gi’s. I was surprised at that fact considering most black gi’s fade fairly quickly.



The pants are pretty much the same as the initial review but have become more stretchy as they have been washed and line dried. The chord has been trimmed a few times and singed but it still keeps unraveling. Flow has stated that they have fixed the issues with the pants and this was the initial test run of the kimonos so this shouldn’t be a problem on the newest batch of Pro Series gis.

 Final Conclusion

If the Pro Series 2.0 gi from Flow Kimonos has the pants issues fixed then I would be more than willing to recommend this gi as a great buy. It’s moderately priced in the ever growing market at $144 for a black one, or $10 cheaper for the white if black isn’t your color of choice. Flow has assured me that the aforementioned issues have been fixed so if you’re in the market for a new gi then go give them a look at http://flowkimonos.com/

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