DOorDIE Pro Comp Gi Review – A1

DOorDIE Pro Comp Gi Review – A1

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 DOorDIE Pro Comp Gi Review

The company Do Or Die launched the Hyperfly performance gear in 2011, and the brands DNA is solidly rooted in their mantra ” you can’t teach heart ” and reflected through its team and sponsored athletes. Stand out lower belts from the U.S. like Jared Dopp, and athletes from Brazil ala Isaque Bahiense, their most notable athlete is Xande Ribeiro  (if you don’t know who that is…click on his name to the left courtesy of BJJHEROES and please do some research, I’ll wait)

After the success of their HYPERFLY series, they decided it was time to release a competition based gi. They were debuted last year at the 2013 Mundials for their sponsored athletes. We were lucky enough to receive one of these (along with some other awesome merch!! Thanks DoD)

Below is our findings on the DOorDIE Pro Competition Gi.


Purchase the Pro Comp in the US HERE  or from their European Distributor HERE


DOorDIE Pro Comp Gi Review

First Impressions

When opening up the box all kinds of stuff started falling out. Stickers, shirt, hat, and one of the Pro Track Jackets on top of the Pro Comp Gi as well.  Super awesome package from DOorDIE.


The gi bag is a nice double sling backpack style made of polyester material with what looks to be a heat pressed logo on the bag. There are some black stains on the logo but you know, it’s a bag.


When pulling the gi out of the bag though I immediately thought it would cause controversy. I noticed it closely resembled another gi we’ve reviewed, with some smaller changes. When you take a look at the gi you’ll probably know which one I’m talking about.


Minus the close resemblance, the construction is top notch and the embroidery is fantastic. Overall I’m fairly stoked about the kimono, especially since this is my first DOorDIE and I’ve heard a lot of praise about their products.


  • Good fit
  • Solid Construction



  • The chest and thighs shrank more than usual



Jacket Details

  • GSM
  • White with Grey Contrast
  • Soft woven taping
  • YCTH Screen print
  • Custom Neck Yoke/Side split designs
  • EVA Foam Collar
  • Tailored design



Pants Details

  •  10oz cotton pants
  • White with grey contrast
  • Tailored design
  • Inner gusset design
  • Six Belt loop system
  • Grey Stretchy rope



Jacket Overview

The Pro Comp gi has a well constructed jacket that is a lighter feeling top and doesn’t stretch out that much when damp from hard use.


It features a certain “tailored” cut that is more suited for competition use. You can see the familiar stitching/cut patterns on the front that run up the sides and to the back. All of those seams are triple stitched.

The inside taping is folded over so it doesn’t get irritating while in use.

Embroidery is fantastic on the Hyperfly logos on each arm, no weak spots or sloppy threads.

A detail I really like about this kimono, is the metallic threading they used to write certain words on each brand tag. Pictures will show this.

There are no “reinforcements” so to speak on the side split but it does feature a sublimated material in a triangle pattern that is triple stitched on. Usually we see a small triangle, square, or circle around the top of the side split but there isn’t one on this kimono.

The screen printing on the inside of the jacket that reads “You Can’t Teach Heart” is vertical along the collar instead of the square pattern that their Hyperfly Premium model has and is an even and smooth screen print.

The collar is of medium thickness and is covered by the same material as the pants. Mostly straight lines all around the collar and there is a small rectangular tag on the back of the neck that reads “

Pants Overview


The pants also feature the unique cut that is a more “tailored” fit.

The six belt loops are placed well to where the stretchy rope doesn’t ride up on your hips. I like the trend I’m seeing of thicker material belt loops, more sturdy and longer lasting.

I really like how they used white vertical stitching on the knee pads instead of grey contrast stitching. It makes the pants look cleaner. There was some slight unfolding on the corner of the inner knee pad, purely aesthetic so far with no signs of coming undone more.

The knee pads are also in an upside down shield pattern like the DOorDIE logo. Not sure if anyone else noticed that.

On the inside of the gusset, it features the same sublimated material with the previous artwork as the jacket. The side splits have the same material reinforcing it with triple stitched lines in a reversed triangle pattern.

The cuffs are double stitched with the same folded over taping as the jacket.


Fit & Rolling Performance

The ProComp out of the bag was a good fit. It was loose, but not too loose in the arms, and everything was just a perfect fit in general. Then came the repeated washes.

The sleeves shrank around an inch and a half and are borderline legal. The pants came up just at an inch and sit at the ankle bone. That is just at average shrinkage for a lot of kimonos.

The thing that shrank abnormally is the chest on the jacket and the thighs of the pants. They tightened up quite a bit. The jacket almost reached the side split on the opposite side out of the bag, after washing it is a bit tighter now and opens up quite often.

The thighs were nice and roomy at first, but now are tight and a little restricting. (not a ton, but a noticeable amount while wearing. Can hinder some basic open guard movements)


The good thing about the gi shrinking is that now it’s a straight up competition fit. Tight in all the right places.

As said above, the jacket opens up quite a bit while rolling which makes for a cooler roll. (temp wise, not style wise) The sleeves are shorter and tighter which makes grip breaking easy. The collar though is a softer one so grips are a bit troublesome, not a ton but enough to notice.

Due to the tight fit it is a bit warm in the trouser region when rolling.  They also tend to soak up sweat a bit more. I’m assuming it’s because of the fit though. The crotch region is also a bit restricting when attempting basic open guard moves and more so when attempting dspider guard. If I don’t pull the pants up before hand then it’s a tad harder to open the legs.

 Measurement Chart

I want to explain our “E” measurement for the pants. We wanted to show you how much room is in between the knee pad and the bottom of the pants. Thus our “E” measurement. Since the Pro Comps knee pad is at an angle we measured directly in the middle of the two points to produce that measurement.

We apologize for not measuring the gi pre-wash (or the next couple of reviews) but on the next kimono we receive, it will be more thoroughly detailed.

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Final Conclusions

The DOorDIE Pro Comp Gi is retailing for $150 at the time of this review being published. (March 4th, 2014) I think it’s a fair price for the gi. That’s $39 less than their Hyperfly Premium kimono. I’m not sure what the differences are besides the cut of the gi though as I’ve never owned a Hyperfly Premium.

I don’t think this gi is light enough to wear out fast for a daily trainer, so i.m.o I think it could be a good gi in a steady two or three gi rotation. Will make for a great competition gi if you choose to use it and it fits.

If you like DOorDIE and their products then you’ll like this kimono. It’s competitively priced and if the gi fits you…then you’ll be stoked to roll in it. Do make sure the kimono fits you as it does have a more “tailored” fit for competition use (more slender of a cut) . DOorDIE Pro Comp Gi Review


Purchase the Pro Comp in the US HERE  or from their European Distributor HERE


  • Make sure the chest and thigh shrinkage isn’t a recurring problem

DOorDIE Pro Comp Gi Review

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