Dokebi Combat Fortress Rash Guard

Dokebi Combat Fortress Rash Guard

Dokebi Combat Fortress Rash Guard

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Quick Review

The Dokebi Combat Fortress Rash Guard is a Korean made, 6 panel, 90% Lycra/10% Polyester sublimated rash guard that is priced at around the same point as most companies ($51 USD). The material is slick and does a good job of wicking the moisture away.

While it features a slimmer cut than other rash guards, it boasts breathable mesh side panels and great craftsmanship throughout the entire product. The sublimation print has no weak spots and the flat lock stitching is doing fine even after the many washes and machine dries that has occurred. There is some slight piling in certain places, but I’ve machine dried this thing a bajillion times and I was expecting a lot more but was pleasantly surprised at the lack of.

The only “negative” thing I can say is the tag was slightly scratchy. Ohhh noooessss, not the dreaded tag scratch!!! Seriously though, if that’s the only thing I can say that’s “bad” about the rash guard then that’s saying something in itself.

Lets talk about the mesh side panels. I can’t think off the top of my head another company that has used a full side panel of mesh material. I know of one that had it in the armpit area but that’s it. The mesh helps air come in and cool the body down, but I’m not sure of the cleanliness of it. Given the mesh stretches out to create bigger holes in the fabric when you have it on, would that let germs in that a “normal” rash guard wouldn’t, or are the holes still small enough to protect your skin? That’s probably a question better suited for someone else but I like the idea of the mesh.

Long story short, I’m glad I got to try out the Dokebi Fortress rash guard as it’s a solid piece of no gi equipment. It’s competitively priced for a market that hasn’t really explored it’s full potential yet, and has a good thought with the mesh panels. The design is out of the norm and if you like the thought process behind it then go for it. We think you’ll be happy with your purchase but like most clothing, make sure you size according!


  • Good craftsmanship
  • Ventilated side panels
  • Solid design


  • None worth noting










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