Digitsu – Bernardo Faria Z Guard DVD review (video)

Digitsu – Bernardo Faria Z Guard DVD review (video)

Digitsu Bernardo Faria Z Guard Review

Quick Review

Here is the Digitsu Bernardo Faria Z Guard Review.

“World Champion Bernardo Faria is back to reveal the methods behind his favorite position — the Z-GUARD/SINGLE LEG HALF. Ever since he was a blue belt, he has been honing and further enhancing this position along his Jiu-Jitsu journey. He is now FINALLY READY TO SHOW THE WORLD the methods that helped him win countless titles!

In this instructional, Bernardo again methodically explains important concepts and strategies ranging from entrances, grips and body positions in order to masterfully teach you his approach to the Z-Guard. As always, each lesson is explained multiple times and shown in numerous angles. IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT JIU-JITSU, YOU CAN NOT BE WITHOUT THIS POSITION!” – Description from Digitsu.com –

DVD Run time –¬† Approx 153 minutes

Grade – A –
Solid production and packaging. Well thought out video and at a great price.
– Only one small con for me and that was I wish they would show the technique in full in the beginning of the move as well as at the end. The videos are getting better and better with each release from Digitsu –

Review time stamps
Intro – 0:00 – 0:16
Production –¬† 0:16 – 1:58
Techniques – 1:58 – 2:32
Packaging – 2:32 – 3:12
Overview – 3:12 – 4:04
Sample Technique – 4:04 – 8:09


Grading Scale
A – Great video
B – Good but could be better
C – Needs serious improvement
D – Couldn’t finish it
F – I don’t even


  • Solid Production
  • Great packaging
  • Clearly laid out
  • Good details


  • Maybe show the technique at the beginning and end instead of at the end








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