CTRL Industries Zarape (A1)

CTRL Industries Zarape (A1)

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CTRL Industries Review – Zarape (Black A1)

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This is the first CTRL Industries gi that we’ve owned. We’ve always seen them on the mats but never actually pulled the trigger on getting one. While you can’t really purchase this gi except for an inflated amount on the second market, this will serve as a highlight and reference for the Zarape from CTRL Industries.

Lloyd reviewed two of their gis that you can see HERE and HERE, but also reviewed their sister company Grypps Style HERE


Jacket Details

  • 420 GSM gold weave
  • Black w/ Navy blue and red stitching
  • Red/Blue embroidered logos
  • Sublimated neck yoke design
  • Standard reinforcement

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Pants Details

  • Light twill pants
  • Gold weave gusset
  • Red stretchy rope drawstring
  • Four belt loops
  • Standard reinforcements
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Quick Review

In light of most CTRL gi’s quickly becoming like SYR’s and selling out fast, this is more of a highlight than a review as you can’t get this gi unless you’re willing to go second market territory. This one isn’t quite as expensive as some other CTRL gi’s, but they’re getting there.

The CTRL Industries black Zarape is a fantastically made gi that is built like a tank. All of the embroidery was done exceptionally well and I haven’t really found anything wrong structurally with the gi besides the cord kind of twisting. In my experience, cords are really hit or miss with gis and I’ve been exceptionally lucky with them being good for a while, but it’s about time that I get a wonky one.

The sizing in the jacket was perfect. There was ample room for me to move and it was not restricting at all. The pants were a little tight in the upper thighs/butt region due to my awesome weight gain (up to almost 190 lbs) but I’ve gone down some and the pants fit better at 180 lbs. This is way out of their size chart range for the weight but it’s only going to fit better as the weight goes down.

The only big downside to this gi that I did find is how hot you get when rolling. The top doesn’t breathe very well IMO but then again a lot of gold weaves don’t breathe that well. Don’t let that take away from it though as the quality is exceptional.

I was so impressed with the Zarape that I bought another CTRL gi when they released their newest offering of The Queen. I’m a fan of pearl weave gi tops so it was a must that I try out one of CTRL Industries pearl weaves.


I’ve been told numerous times that CTRL and SYR are basically the same gi. I do not find this accurate though as the CTRL gi’s are slightly wider in their jacket cuts but slightly slimmer in their pant cuts. While they do share some similarities, they are definitely different cuts.



  • Solid construction
  • Great embroidery
  • Good design



  • Gold weave is hot (not CTRL’s fault though)

Where to buy


You can’t purchase the Zarape except from resellers but for more Ctrl Industries releases, check the link above or their social media sites for news of an upcoming drop.


$174.99 originally








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