CTRL Industries Gigante Review

CTRL Industries Gigante Review

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This is a review done by our friend Lloyd Cubacub. We’ll be seeing a lot more from him soon!!!

CTRL Industries Gigante Review

CTRL Industries has been very successful with their previous releases. Their biggest success in the gi world would have to be either The Rook or their Supreme Standard in my opinion. Both of the gi’s were met with great reviews and almost everyone had nothing but good things to say about them.

The Gigante is CTRL Industries‘ latest release.  It is a limited run with approximately 300 manufactured. Many CTRL followers (including myself) have been waiting patiently for months for it to be release date. The company even hinted on a possible few being released at the 2013 IBJJF Mundials in June, but that never came to fruition. Fast forward six weeks later and the Gigante is finally here.

When the gi first came out, there was a lot of buzz about it resembling Shoyorolls 7th Son. Many SYR diehards took to their social networks calling the it a copycat of their beloved SYR model and went as far as boycotting the gi. With that said, the phrase “don’t knock it til’ you try it” comes to mind.  Let’s find out…

First Impression:

I have owned three other CTRL Industries’ gi (Supreme Comp, Ground Squad, The Knight) prior to this. All of which are high quality and are currently in my rotation. With that said, I was really excited to get my hands on this model and expected nothing less from the Gigante. The Orange stitching on the black material really pops.


Jacket Details:

  • 420 GSM Pearl Weave Jacket
  • Black with Orange stitching and trim
  • San Francisco inner shoulder print
  • Custom CTRL Gigante outer lining
  • Embroidered Logos
  • Custom Taping
  • Ripstop EVA Foam Collar

Jacket Conclusions:

The bag that it comes in is a shoulder sling style of bag and has the logos screen printed on. After pulling the jacket out of the bag I think it’s extremely well designed and manufactured. The contrast stitching is perfectly executed and straight. I did not find any loose threads or loose stitches. In my opinion this is probably CTRL Industries’ best work yet. ** The piping on the side split is a new addition to any gi that I’ve seen, I’m curious as to how it will hold up – R ** **It’s similar to the piping on the ground squad and it’s held up well – L**

Pants Details:

  • 10oz. Rip Stop Cotton
  • Black with Orange Stitching
  • 4 Belt Loops
  • Orange Rope
  • Pearl Weave Gusset

Pants Conclusion:

I love the pants. I am a big fan of rip stop cotton and these feel and fit perfectly. Knowing that rip stop pants do not shrink much, I am comfortable knowing that I’ve made a good investment in this gi and that my $170 will be well spent.

The Fit:

Rolling Performance:

Being that this is my fourth kimono with CTRL Industries, I have to say that the quality of their gis are getting better and better with each release. This model is a wee bit longer than the ground squad and other previous models; but has still maintained the fitted cut that CTRL followers love. I am very happy with the length of the sleeves and pants. I would even go on record to say that “this cut is perfect for my body type” (5′ 8”  160 lbs. 71 inch reach). I did not notice any problem during live rolls what-so-ever… After training in the Gigante it’s my opinion that this gi is perfect!


CTRL Industries’ Gigante is a beautiful kimono. It is packed with the usual high quality material and the construction of it is top notch. I appreciated every aspect of it gi: from the jacket, pants and performance during live rolls.

With this gi having a lot of hype coming in; being compared to the 7th Son. Trust me when I say that I was extra critical with this review, but at the same time remained being neutral for I did not want to satisfy the supporters and detractors alike.

I am a current resident of Guam and well aware of Shoyoroll’s immense popularity. So it did not surprise me that SYR supporters immediately wrote off this gi. However, I have to say that for those who did not purchase this gi for “brand loyalty” reasons alone truly missed out. I have over 20 Shoyoroll gis and this gi can stand its ground with the best of them. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a big supporter of Shoyoroll Brand and all its endeavors, but I am not close-minded enough to knock a movement that is trying to come up with bright ideas and incredible merchandise.

With the Gigante, CTRL Industries has produced another high quality gi. With their great customer service and vision for the company, I look forward to what they have in store down the line. Expect big things from CTRL Industries. OSSS!!!!


Ctrl Industries Gigante

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