Competidor Brand Mean Tech Review – Follow up

Competidor Brand Mean Tech Review – Follow up

It’s been a little bit since we’ve had the Mean Tech from Competidor, lets check it out with our Competidor Brand Mean Tech Review – Follow up

As you can see the Mean Tech is holding it’s color well. The collar has also maintained it’s shape and the taping is doing just fine. The one spot that I was worried about, the inside tag on the jacket, is still the same as it was after the initial review. It hasn’t peeled anymore than it already had and has gotten a lot softer with all the washing. The jacket has shrank a little bit but not a good amount. It fits a lot better than before and I love training in the kimono.

As for the pants there are no frayed stitches or seams with the exception of the belt loops, but I’ve never experienced a pair of pants that didn’t fray a little on the belt loops. The knee pads are wearing a little bit quicker than the rest of the kimono but again, that is expected especially if you’re a top player. The size of the pants are still the same, I like ripstop pants because they hardly shrink at all and these are no exceptions.

As for the contrasting colors on the kimono, they haven’t faded at all. They’re still the same bright green they were when I received it and still really pop on the Navy fabric.

All in all, I think the kimono was a great buy and I can’t wait to see if Competidor Brands newest offering the “Easy Tiger” series holds up like this one did.

You can check out the Easy Tiger series HERE

Also, I wanted to go ahead and say again that this kimono is IBJJF legal.