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Competidor Brand Gi Review – Mean Tech


Competidor Brand gi review


We are proud to present our first blue kimono, “The MEAN TECH.” Offered in a stunning Navy Blue, the “Mean Tech” is a full Cut & Sew project by Competidor Brand. The uniform boasts a very clean and detailed design that embodies both style and functionality. Tailored for optimal play, The “Mean Tech” features include quality construction, reinforced stitching, and supreme craftsmanship. The “Mean Tech” is available for a limited time in a limited run of ONLY 200pcs.



On with our Competidor brand gi review of the Mean Tech.


First Impressions

Not gonna lie, I was super pumped for Competidors first Navy gi especially given the fact it had the lime green stitching.

Competidor Brand is known for promoting an Island lifestyle since they’re based on the Ilse of Guam. When opening the box from the post you could immediately see the islander style shining through on the bag that the gi was shipped in.

Competidor Brand, Mean Tech, Mad Flow

The bag is a sublimated nylon material but it looks as if the front Groundwork design is blurry

The bag itself is very well made though and the nylon material is a nice touch as most bags are a cotton cloth.

Upon pulling the gi out of the bag I was super stoked because:

  1. I LOVE Navy colored gi’s and
  2. The contrasting lime green stitching looks fantastic on the Navy fabric

Competidor Brand

Jacket Details

  • – Light weight 450g lightweight soft pearl weave fabric
    – One piece jacket with no back seam
    – Ripstop outer material // Rubberized Lightweight EVA foam collar
    – Beautiful Lime Green contrasting color stitch
    – Heavy reinforced seams
    – Tailored Cut & Sew Fit
    – Custom Inner Taping & Lining




As stated above Navy colored with lime green stitching and logos. White Competidor Logo cleanly embroidered on the chest.

Full view of the front of the jacket with the sleeve cuff rolled inside out. Note the two flowers on the sleeves, the left one placed around the crook of the elbow. Plain back for team or sponsor patches.

The inside tag has the Competidor flower logo and the back reads “Use Your Soul Made in Pakistan Rooted In Guahan”. Nice inside tag of the jacket, it’s not scratchy at all and you hardly notice it’s there. The inside taping is also not scratchy at all and reads Competidor Brand Kimono co Mean Tech and Mad Flow.

The collar itself is slick and about normal thickness for a collar.

The side slit reinforcement is a triangle made of ripstop material with the same design as the bag and inside taping. Lapel tag and inside taping. The bottom of the jacket is reinforced with the flower print taping and is quadruple stitched. Groundwork patch placed on the right side of the jacket

Jacket Conclusions

The jacket is very well made, no stitching issues which is rare because most contrast stitched gi’s have at least one stitching error in the collar or somewhere around the gi.
After the mishap of the Vador coming out with the wrong patch I’m sure Competidor checked the quality of this batch a lot more.
The inside tag, even though it’s purely for looks, is also a nice added touch and strays away from the usual square “made in Pakistan with our companies logo” tag.

The patches aren’t that noticeable on the arms while rolling although at first they are a little stiff and took a minute to loosen up.

Pants Details

  • – 10oz RIPSTOP Pants
    – Triple Gusseted Crotch
    – 7 Point Loophole System
    – Thick drawstring
    – Competidor Brand’s “Flying V” kneepad construction
    – Heavy reinforced seams
    – Tailored Cut & Sew Fit
    – Custom Inner Taping & Lining



As stated before, Navy colored material with Lime green stitching and logos. There are 7 navy colored belt loops placed about one inch from the top of the pants. Not sure why there are 7 but I like it, keeps the pants secure and on my waist.

Rectangle Competidor Logo patch with the flower design. Stitched close enough to the edge that it doesn’t scratch or roll up the edges. Groundwork patch on the left thigh above the knee design

Side slit reinforcement is square. Something Competidor is known for is having the “V” shaped knee stitching for their knee pads. The pant cuffs are quadruple stitched and are reinforced with the same taping as the jacket cuffs and bottom of the skirt.

Pants Conclusion


A lot of folks aren’t fans of rip stop pants. I personally am. These have a more tapered cut to them but are still relaxed enough to be able to breath while moving. They aren’t that waxy type of ripstop but feel more like cotton with heavy stitches in them.


The knee pads are good and I feel like they won’t rip as easy as some do.

The Fit


Right out of the bag it was an amazing fit for me. At 5’9 and 165 pounds it’s a slim fit in the jacket with sleeves that come down to the wrist bone. Not too tight in the armpits either.


I have thicker thighs and the pants aren’t restricting at all for me and are pretty comfortable. The pants come just above the ankles and could use some shrinking for my taste.


Speaking of shrinkage, so far it hasn’t shrank very much at all. It would be a great competition gi as long as the arm embroidery is legal.


Whenever my camera is rolling up again I’ll have pictures of the fit after a few washes and hang dries.


How does it do while Rolling?

Feels great while rolling, the skirt comes out easy though. I happen to like using my lapel so it works out great for me. The pants don’t shift around and ride up or come loose while being inverted and the jacket isn’t restricting while trying to pass guard.

Doesn’t stretch out while stuck in spider guard and since the collar is slick it’s somewhat easy to break grips on.

The pants also keep their shape very well, being ripstop it’s expected but I thought I would note that anyways.


IMG_1532 copy IMG_1530 copyAs you can see from the pictures, the tag on the inside of the jacket is now peeling up from the jacket. But it’s not just the patch peeling up, it’s actually peeling up from the plastic backing that is holding the thread together if that makes sense.

Final Conclusion


At a price point of $175 dollars, The Mean Tech is on the average amount for a premium kimono. Everything is pretty on par for the price point, given the recent events you will read below though (not their fault) and the one thing that is wrong (the tag) I wonder if most people will still purchase it though.
It’s a great gi, has a great fit and great quality so far and it’s worth the price tag but the whole non IBJJF legal thing will be a big turn off for a lot of people. I myself was planning on using it for IBJJF comps but now am not unfortunately.

Would I still recommend this gi for purchase?


In my opinion with the price of gi’s rising this one definitely meets the price tag and I would recommend you get one considering there were only 200 made.



***Update 6/2/13*** – This gi was seen on the mats at the IBJJF Mundials so perhaps it is IBJJF Legal. .

This gi is not Legal by IBJJF Standards

“Good morning,

Thank you for contacting IBJJF.
This Gi doesn’t fit our regulations because the size of the sleeve patch, the position on the left arm and the patch on the chest is too big.

Best Regards,
IBJJF Staff.”

Some people bought this for a competition gi, I know I did but now since it’s not IBJJF legal I guess it’ll be another training gi. At least we still have NAGA and Grapplers Quest to use it though.

Competidor Brand gi review

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