BJJ Hacks Sponsorship E-book

BJJ Hacks Sponsorship E-book

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Do you want a BJJ Sponsorship?

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So you’ve established the fact that you want to get a bjj sponsorship but you don’t know the right channels to go through?  You don’t want to be that guy who’s begging and pleading on social media…trust me.

You gotta be Rico Suave.

A debonair.

A Don Juan type of cat. Can’t be no jive ass turkey ya dig?

If you’ve seen the sponsorship article from Meerkatsu & the Grapplers Review BJJ sponsorship article then you’ve got a great base to get started but you’re still stuck on how to contact a company, who to contact, or even what to say if you do contact the right person.

Well, that’s where the BJJ Hacks Ultimate Guide to getting Sponsorship in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu come in. While the two articles I linked above are good starting points, we kind of leave a lot up to you to figure out.

The BJJ Hacks e-book is a fantastic resource to help you get a BJJ sponsorship from not only the start, but to the finish as well. Everyone likes a finisher right?

The blueprint is laid out for you in an extremely easy to read format, with a great chapter outline and quick resource guide at the front, tells you exactly what to do but also tells you what not to do.

Here is a very small glimpse as to what you can expect from the book;

Who Should I Approach?

You’ll need to be smart in choosing who you go after, as you’ll need to approach each brand in a slightly different way. A big corporation will not even respond to an informal request. A small brand just getting on their feet might be put off by an overly formal approach.

How many of you would’ve thought about that before hitting “send” on that email or Facebook message?

The entire book is very strategic in how to get a sponsorship and goes into great depth about the entire process. Everything you need to know, is in this book.

Now the e-book does cost money but it’s not expensive. It’s priced at $14.99 for the e-book or the kindle download, and is 163 pages of content plus you get an extra email of company contacts and a sample contract to help you along.

The list of company contacts is ridiculously long and I can’t imagine how long it took Hywel to compile that list. The sample contract is straight to the point and is also laid out very clearly.

Here is the disclaimer from me now. To keep my site fair and biased, I can’t really accept a sponsorship from a BJJ company so I didn’t use this book to attempt to get a sponsorship. I can’t say exactly how much the book actually works but I did read it several times and the info inside of it is solid.

I would have an extremely hard time believing that you couldn’t get at least one deal from this book to make it worth your money, the info inside of it is that good.


To end this article, I will give you the link to purchase the eBook and also quote Hywel one last time…

For most of you reading this eBook, it’s not your tournament record that’s preventing you from getting sponsored. It’s not your belt color, your number of Facebook friends or anything else. The only thing stopping you from getting sponsored is YOU.

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Summary: Fantastic eBook that's easy to read and very useful. Price is perfect for all of the information you're receiving.
- Informative
- Easy to Read
- Organization
- Price

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